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Kate's 'No pleasure in eating and watching TV' contradicted by the late Ray Wyre

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Kate's 'No pleasure in eating and watching TV' contradicted by the late Ray Wyre

Post by Tony Bennett on 10.05.11 23:56

In our article on the McCanns and Ray Wyre (Article 28.0 on our website), we noted that there was a remarkable meeting between the Wyres and the McCanns in 2008.

Wyre was of course, the nation's self-appointed expert on paedophiles and so-called 'sex therapy', though some of the techniques he used, and which we referred to in our article on him, might make you want to throw up.

Amongst many other oddities about Wyre, his long-term volunteer, who was anonymous and would only allow herself to be referred to as 'Sally Smith', spent many years writing to some of the nation's most evil murderers, including child absuers and murderers. Wyre was perfectly comfortable with this.

Yet another oddity was that within just a few days of Madeleine being reported missing, Wyre had penned an article for the Daily Telegraph pronouncing to the world that Madeleine had been abducted by a paedophile. Given that at that time there were still hopes that she might be found, it was a remarkable conclusion to reach.

It's all in our article on the subject of this post, in the serialisation of her book, Dr Kate McCann claims she could no longer take pleasure in simple things like eating meals and watching TV.

This is somewhat contradicted by the late Ray Wyre's lyrical account of the McCanns chez Wyres, reproduced here:

Wyre hit out at shocking claims of eating disorders and marriage rifts made about Kate and heart specialist Gerry, whose twins Sean and Amelie have just turned three. He said: “It can't have helped while they've had this massive tragedy on their hands. Days before we met I was reading an ill-informed article saying they were growing apart. But they are a close and loving couple who are certainly united in their roles of being good parents to the twins and maintaining momentum in their quest to find Madeleine.

“There is no doubt they are a couple - they are together and they support and comfort one another. They were very warm and friendly to each other and there was no sign of dispute between them. During the meal, Gerry often put his arm round the back of Kate's chair. They were affectionate to one another all the time. They looked very much together. As for any suggestion Kate might have an eating disorder, it's nonsense. She sat down to my wife's home-made lasagne and garlic bread with a smile and really enjoyed it. And she tucked into the banoffee pie for pudding like the rest of us”.

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