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Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?  Mm11

Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?  Regist10

Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?

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Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?  Empty Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?

Paul James
1 hr

Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?

Well, actually, they do - and here's why, but not for the reason Kate said.

Now how could I go all the way to Praia da Luz and not show the famous whooshing curtains trick for the sham it is?

Using various windows and patio doors, (not a stones through from the Ocean Club) both during the day and evening, on still and windy days/evenings. One facing south, in the direction of the Ocean Club pool area and Baptista Supermarket and one facing north, which was in the exact same orientation as the children's back bedroom, I waited for that 'whoosh'. Just for clarification, this back bedroom is also called the front bedroom (but is positioned at the back area of the Ocean Club complex, facing onto the car park area).

I repeated this for a full week and the answer is very simple.

On still and very windy days, (and evenings) one window/patio door facing north and the other south, with only one window or patio door slid open for each test, (the other in its closed position), there was hardly a flutter. This is because there is no 'through draught', pronounced, 'through draft' being created.
With both windows and patio doors open, (north and south) regardless even when it was a still day with hardly a breeze, a strong through draft was created and the curtain, NOTE: 'only the one nearest the open window', be they a light weight net or quite a weighty material, we do get that whooshing curtain, (singular) not those 'whooshing curtains' that Kate speaks of.

And this is how easy it is to catch out a liar - by recreating physical tests in the same place (environment) and the only way you are going to get the kind of 'whooshing curtains' (as described by Kate) in the children's bedroom in 5A, is with the sliding patio door of 5A having been left 'open'.

But there is another part to Kate's lie and that is when she waves her arms and hands in the air, motioning those whooshing curtains (plural) in 5A, she uses 'both' arms and hands, where in reality, only one curtain, (the one nearest to the open side) will whoosh.

So in effect, this should always have been described by Kate as the 'whooshing [right hand] curtain', (singular) and also, if you look at the Police photos, you will see the left had curtain in the children's bedroom, is firmly 'wedged' between the spare single bed, and the north facing wall, rendering this left hand curtain incapable of moving at all. So this left hand curtain, even with a very strong wind, never moved 'at all' on the evening of 3 May 2007 and the only way the right hand curtain is going to whoosh, is if the patio door of 5A had been left 'open'.

So let's here from the liar herself, to see if she left the patio door open on her 10:00pm check, (that would have let a breeze in to create that much needed 'through draft' to make that single curtain whoosh). Or did Kate 'close' those patio doors, once entering inside 5A on her so called, 'check'? Which would have resulted in 'neither' bedroom curtain moving 'at all'.

Kate states:
'At 10pm I went back to the apartment myself. I entered the sitting room via the patio doors, as Gerry and Matt had done, and stood there, listening, for a few seconds. All was silent. Then I noticed that the door to the children’s bedroom was open quite wide, not how we had left it. At first I assumed that Matt must have moved it. I walked over and gently began to pull it to. Suddenly it slammed shut, as if caught by a draught. A little surprised, I turned to see if I’d left the patio doors open and let in the breeze. Retracing my steps, I confirmed that I hadn’t'.

And there you have it, proving that A. Not only was there no through draft, which is needed to make the curtains whoosh, (certainly to the extent Kate describes) but B, even if there had of been a strong through draft, only one curtain would ever have whooshed, 'not both' ...unlike articulated by Kate.
Picture 1 Whooshing curtain test (facing south) with 'one' heavy weight curtain being blown (sucked outward by through draft), [south], towards the direction of the Ocean Club pool area and Baptista on a windy night. With no through draft, and only this patio door open, the heavy curtain barely gave a flutter.
Picture 2 Whooshing curtain test 2 (facing north) with hardly a breeze during the day, the light weight curtain (net) next to the open patio door, did not move at all. Once a window had been opened in the back bedroom, creating a through draft, the net curtain was instantly blown (sucked) inwards, into the room.

Orientation (view) of this room, is, if you walked into the children's back bedroom in 5A and turned 90 degrees to your left. Madeleine's bed, left hand corner, window to the far right.

Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?  89262915_650030965759550_5363511509492170752_o.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_sid=07e735&_nc_ohc=TMD6Qi-uE_AAX-mXLGd&_nc_ht=scontent.fbhx1-1

Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?  89242345_650030979092882_8660387951328362496_o.jpg?_nc_cat=106&_nc_sid=07e735&_nc_ohc=zlwvjJaaF0AAX_P2Jga&_nc_ht=scontent.fbhx1-1

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