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maddies bed

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maddies bed

Post by rehtnap2018 on 02.04.18 2:36

not sure if this is  the right section to put this in but here goes

one thing that struck me about the photo of maddies bed is the teddy and the blanket are still there not even if u were a worried parent wouldnt u move them just to look to see if there was anything there,dont know what but sort of a panic thing just to look, even if it was after an initial search. wouldnt u take her teddy as surely the first assumption is shes wandered off and if u find her u would give it to her to comfort her, ....just stinks of someone who already knew there was nothing to find in the bed and she wouldnt need her comfort blanket or teddy.. :baffled:

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Re: maddies bed

Post by sharonl on 02.04.18 23:10

Good point

As daft as it may seem, you would obviously see that the child was not in bed, yet it is human nature, in a state of panic, to doubt yourself and grab the blankets to check.  IMO, this backs up the PJ's conclusion that a false crime scene was created and an abduction had been staged.

Why can the officers at Operation Grange not see things like this?

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