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How 'sound' was Amaral's theory of accidental death? Mm11

How 'sound' was Amaral's theory of accidental death? Regist10

How 'sound' was Amaral's theory of accidental death?

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How 'sound' was Amaral's theory of accidental death? Empty How 'sound' was Amaral's theory of accidental death?

Post by kaz on 17.11.17 16:02

Just how ‘sound’ was Amaral’s theory that Madeleine died in apartment 5A as a result of a tragic accident on the evening of Thursday 3rd May? His ideas evolved from several perceptions of which the contradictory statements of the McCanns and their friends , his feeling that the abduction had been staged and  the twins’ failure to awaken despite the mayhem   were just a few. With the Smiths’ sighting of a man answering to Gerry’s description seen carrying a child towards the beach  about 10 0’clock that evening he felt confident that  a drowsy ( possibly sedated ) Madeleine had been roused by the sound of her father’s voice outside the apartment (chatting with Jez Wilkins ) , climbed up onto the sofa to look out of the window banged her head and died.  Later that same evening she was carried down to the beach  for concealment.

As a working hypothesis it probably wasn’t too bad but does it stand up to scrutiny?

First of all I think it just couldn’t have happened Thursday evening. There simply wasn’t time to facilitate all that needed to be done. There wasn’t time for cadaverine odour to develop . Death  from head injury is generally a process rather than a light switch death/life moment and which would possibly delay   the time of actual death. Amaral states himself that Madeleine’s bed looked unslept in and David Payne’s assertion that he had seen Madeleine that evening  was unsound . ( Kate and Payne gave differing accounts. )

So could it have happened as  he thought it did  but on an earlier night?

Obviously this was more likely as far as stage setting and  cadaver odour development are concerned.  However if this was the case we come across a flaw in his hypothesis straight away. Unless Gerry was in the habit of holding conversations in a loud voice outside the flat on a nightly basis ,  it wasn’t her father’s voice that woke her.  Would she really be able to hear voices and distinguish her father’s anyway whilst she was inside the apartment with all the windows closed? Why would she choose to look out of that particular window which necessitated climbing? Why not look out of the patio doors which would have afforded her a better view of where the voices were supposedly  coming from? If she fell between the sofa and the wall fatally injuring herself the gap must have been pretty wide. In that case, why not walk behind the sofa to peer out of the window rather than climb. If all this happened on a previous night when Madeleine was  supposedly drowsy through sedation no way would the McCanns have risked sedating the twins at a later date.

Mr Smith and family and Grimes and Eddie later padded out the bones of Amaral’s theory which may well be spot on but I do have a few nagging questions about it. I do believe that Amaral acted in good faith with the information he had so the questions are not meant to be a slur on him. They’re just questions.  

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