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McCanns - Musselburgh races

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Re: McCanns - Musselburgh races

Post by Verdi on 08.08.16 0:21

@Richard IV wrote:Kate McCann`s eyes focusing on the person who`s taking the picture and smirking - not really interested in the game at all.
What's new?  He and his goliath image and her the femme-fatale - Samson and Delilah..

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Re; McCann's, Mussle, races

Post by willowthewisp on 10.08.16 14:31

@Verdi wrote:
@Cmaryholmes wrote:Tommy Steele next to Judi Dench ???
I think you've got it..

Well spotted - and an Everton supporter.
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Re: McCanns - Musselburgh races

Post by lj on 13.08.16 3:12

@Nina wrote:
@Verdi wrote:
@aquila wrote:The McCanns had previously encountered David Steel at their fundraising bash at Kensington Gardens. Steel was one of those who paid £150 for a ticket to attend.

This fundraiser was to mark the 1000th day since Madeleine's abduction disappearance and to put some much needed cash into the limited company's coffers with half of the proceeds going to the McCanns and the remaining half being split between Missing People and an EU equivalent charity. The McCann's fund is not a charity but a limited company, nevertheless there was, how shall I say, something symbiotic.

This is David Steel, the man who failed to have Cyril Smith investigated and was instrumental in getting him a knighthood. Would I want to stand next to him if my child had been 'taken by a paedophile'? It's obviously a rhetorical question.

The Kensington Gardens bash involved an auction. Stobo Castle also did a fundraiser with an auction.
I remember the Richard Branson's exclusive Kensington Roof Gardens funtion and what a memorable damp squib occasion that was - a star-studded bash (so sayeth the UK tabloids) that managed to rustle-up such names as Gloria Hunniford,  Fiona Bruce,  Peter Bowles and the WOW factor - none other than  Lord David Steel.  Just look at proud Gerald standing before the camera, again looking like a David Walliams tribute act..

Gerry McCann, Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive Missing People, Kate McCann and Francis Herbert, Secretary General, Missing Children Europe at a Madeleine McCann fundraiser....

I think that was about the extent of the press coverage.  It must have been a total non-event, otherwise it would have been the talking point of the year.
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Re: McCanns - Musselburgh races

Post by plebgate on 14.03.17 8:09

Cheltenham Race Festival starts today.

If anyone is attending would the please let us know if they spot any hobnobing with Me Lords. big grin

I'm placing a tenner on three no hopers -

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oh errrrrrrr. yes

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