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NEGLECT? Are you SURE the McCanns neglected their children?

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NEGLECT? Are you SURE the McCanns neglected their children?

Post by HiDeHo on 03.01.16 14:49

JULY 14, 2015 
9 – NEGLECT? Are you SURE the McCanns neglected their children?

See the above Wordpress page for lots more info and then decide if you believe the McCanns RELY on people suggesting neglect and how Maddie would still be with us if they hadn't left her alone... WRONG!  Maddie DIDN'T disappear because she was left alone!


I feel sure that the McCanns LOVE when the neglect issue is brought fact, that is one of the only negative issues that they 'allow' the media to report on...

'The children were left alone while they dined in the nearby restaurant'.

Think for a moment what that 'tells' you....

The children were left alone and THATS how the abductor entered the apartment!  It's a SMOKESCREEN for the truth!

According to the police files, Maddie had died in the apartment and Thursday night was about creating the abduction scenario! 

How could an abductor have taken Maddie if the children were being watched?

Why does Gerry INSIST they didn't watch the children every 15 mins.... Was that because he needed to make sure that there was enough time for an 'abductor' to enter the apartment?

No Neglect = No Abduction - Gerry INSISTS they didn't check the children every 15 mins!


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