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VIDEO: McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014 Mm11

VIDEO: McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014 Regist10

VIDEO: McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014

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VIDEO: McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014 Empty VIDEO: McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014

Post by HiDeHo on 16.06.14 14:01

McCanns Angry As Libel Trial Is Delayed Again Sky June 16th 2014

Transcript, with thanks to sofieellis:

@sofieellis wrote:For anyone who hasn't been able to watch the interview  (there are a couple of phrases I couldn't make out - sorry):

Gerry: We're exasperated that the hearing has been cancelled once again er at Mr Amaral's request. This is the fourth time that this has happened when we've travelled to Portugal. The legal case has been running now for over five years and we want to get justice for Madeleine. Today is a blatant and cynical attempt to wear us down and it's Madeleine who's suffering. er we're not gonna give up, we're gonna keep going. Thank you.

Reporter: Do you think this was a strategy?

Kate: Can I can I just add I think we need to make it clear to people we took on this case because of the pain and distress that Mr Amaral has brought to us and our children. And every time he postpones the case like this it brings us more pain and distress. Every time we come here we have to make arrangements for our children to be looked after. We have to book flights. We have to book hotels. We have to take time off work to come here. Now Mr Amaral handed that letter in around nine o'clock this morning. That letter could have been handed in before we left the country and this has happened now about four times. As Gerry said, can this be seen as anything but blatant and cynical? We just want justice. This is not fair.

Reporter: You will return?

Gerry: Yes

Reporter: You think this was a strategy from Goncalo Amaral?

Gerry: Clearly

Kate: Yes

Reporter: Do you think Madeleine is alive?

Gerry: What we know for certain is that there is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and until we find her

Kate: She deserves she deserves the right to be found. We believe that Mr Amaral is trying to stop her that human right to be looked for and found.It's happened to other children. It can happen to Madeleine.

Reporter: What do you think he might .....Mr Amaral? (sorry I can't catch this)

Kate: Why?

Reporter: Because all the things he has been .... he has children too (again can't catch all this)

Kate: Mr Amaral is not the victim in this.

Reporter: About the searches in Praia de Luz with Scotland Yard

Gerry: We're not commenting on the investigation, That's a job for the Judicial Police and Scotland Yard. Thank you.

Reporter: But do you feel hopeful that Madeleine's gonna be found?

Gerry: What is clear is that the searches haven't found any evidence to show that Madeleine has been seriously injured or is dead. So, as far as we're concerned, there is a good chance she's still alive and we have to keep searching for her. That's why we're here.

Reporter: What to you think about the results of the searching by the British police dogs last week in Portugal?

Gerry: It's the same thing, you know, there have been multiple searches. There's no sign of Madeleine. There is no evidence that she's been seriously harmed or dead. And that's the important thing.

Kate: Either way

Gerry: There's a missing child

Kate: Either way

Gerry: What is absolutely clear and we want to, people can have their own opinions of us, but Madeleine is completely innocent in all of this. This is what it's about, an innocent child, who's missing.

Reporter: If Mr Amaral is watching this what would you want to say

Gerry: We're not speaking to Mr Amaral. Thank you very much for your patience.

Kate: Thank you.

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