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Madeleine McCann's parents should be investigated closely

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Madeleine McCann's parents should be investigated closely

Post by NickE on 28.12.13 15:24

A recent article about Madeleine McCann's disappearance by Peter Kirkham declares that anyone who claimed to see someone carrying a child should be investigated -- and I absolutely agree with this sentiment. That includes members of the Tapas Seven (friends of Maddie's parents) who made similar claims -- and ultimately the very parents of the missing child.
While SY investigators are likely doing as good of a job as they can, it seems that they are ignoring the evidence -- blatant evidence at that -- against Kate and Gerry McCann. It seems that many in and from the UK bubble don't seem to understand the level of suspicion that emanates from the couple. Perhaps that can be blamed on a lack of true experience dealing with missing children cases, but even the few out of the UK have shown how vastly different truly grief-stricken parents behave while searching for their missing children.
Investigators with SY must acknowledge that there really are no substantiated kidnapping sightings or even evidence in this case. Most of the evidence -- from scent dog findings to suspiciously close DNA findings -- points directly to Kate and Gerry, so will they ever be investigated by the biased UK detectives?
True closure (and justice) will come for Madeleine McCann when everyone will stop lying to themselves about this family and the goings-on in the past six+ years.
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