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Tapas waiter statement and Kates visit

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Re: Tapas waiter statement and Kates visit

Post by tracey1270 on 24.10.13 2:43

Hi I am new here so not sure if I am doing this right or not, I have had quite a few people criticise me for my feelings on the Mcann's, mainly that I
have no compassion for these poor parents who have lost their child.  I have lots of compassion but they are right I have none for the Mcann's whatsoever, my heart breaks though for the little girl who was left crying while her parents abandoned her and her siblings in favour of dinner with their friends.  Some have said I am unforgiving, they made a mistake,  I completely disagree.  There was no mistake, only willful neglect.  Your child cries for you, you go out again anyway knowing full well that while you were out previously she had woken up and could have wandered or come to harm, you feel there could have been someone lurking go out leaving them alone knowing the possible risks but as long as you get some peace it's fine.  We do not know what happened to Madeline, what we do know though is something terrible happened that night and the parents have never been held accountable, no charges at the very least for neglect and child endangerment, just a web of lies, cover ups and a media circus to divert from the fact that the Mcann's are uncaring, cold and in my view extremely manipulative. I truly believe though their time is coming and hopefully soon.


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Re: Tapas waiter statement and Kates visit

Post by Guest on 24.10.13 9:08

welcome Tracey1270.

I guess you've posted before on an open site and been pounced on as a vile troll by McCann supporters. I certainly have! You are among friends here.

My thoughts are that, if this was a genuine case of a bad parental decision leading to a disaster, I would have every sympathy because, heaven knows, I've made some terrible decisions in my time.

However, the ever-changing story told by the McCanns and their subsequent behaviour make it impossible to believe that this was simply a bad decision.

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