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Danish crimeinvestigator:The Parents explenations just doesnt seem right

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Danish crimeinvestigator:The Parents explenations just doesnt seem right

Post by aniandr on 20.08.12 7:44

A danish news site:One of danish police most experienced invenstigaters in investigating murders says that he finds it totally "reasonalble and naturally" that portugal suspects madeleines parents. He alos says:

Nu kan man jo være forældre på mange måder, men der er et eller andet i forklaringen om, at de havde ladet børnene ligge alene, mens de tog på restaurant, der er mystisk. Jeg aner ikke, om de har slået Madeleine ihjel, eller om hun vitterlig er blevet bortført, men for enhver politimand bør forældrene i sådan en sag være oplagte emner som mistænkte, mener Bent Isager-Nielsen.

translate" You can parent in many ways, but there is something in the explanation, that they had left their children alone, while dining, that seems weered. I dont know if they killed madeleine, ore if she was realy abducted, but for any policeofficer, in such a case the parent will be the first suspects"

that will be revealed in a new book in danish called "the invenstigators" that will be in the danish marked next week


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Re: Danish crimeinvestigator:The Parents explenations just doesnt seem right

Post by Gillyspot on 20.08.12 7:55

Thanks aniandr for this interesting article roses

Below is a google translated version (for us English speakers - hopefully someone can correct any mistakes)

"One of the Danish police's most experienced homicide investigators find it quite right and natural that police in Portugal suspect the parents of the almost four-year-old girl Madeleine McCann to stand behind her disappearance five years ago.

It reveals the former chief of Travel Team homicide section, police inspector Bent Isager-Nielsen, in his latest book "The investigators", which will be published next week.

- The police have been criticized by the McCann family and the British media to have heard Madeleine's parents very long and expressed that they were suspects. At that point, I must say that I agree with the Portuguese police, writes Bent Isager-Nielsen, today's exploration manager in Copenhagen Western Zodiac Police.

Madeleine McCann case has been one of the most spectacular forsvindingsgåder, after the little girl disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve region of southern Portugal third May 2007. It happened while her parents allegedly had left the sleeping girl and her two younger siblings in the evening to eat alone at a nearby restaurant.

After some months of investigation was the girl's mother formally charged and subjected to a 11-hour interrogation by the Portuguese police. The suspicion was that the parents by accident could have to beat their daughter to death with a heavy dose of sleeping pills, and perhaps is trying to hide the facts by pretending that her daughter has been kidnapped.

Despite a reward of over 23 million. £ matter is still not resolved.

- Now one can be parents in many ways, but there is something in the explanation that they had let the children be alone while they went to a restaurant that is mysterious. I do not know if they have turned Madeleine death, or if she indeed has been abducted, but for any police officer should parents in such a case be deserving as suspects, says Bent Isager-Nielsen.

He stresses in the book that he only knows the Madeleine case from the press, and the experienced homicide boss is not blind to the fact that Portuguese police apparently made several errors during the course of the preliminary inconclusive investigation.

Bent Isager-Nielsen's new book is a sequel to the experienced exploration manager's bestseller "You hunt a beast and catch a man" from 2008. This time he has teamed up with two other experts in search of killers - the coroner Hans Petter Hougen and legal anthropologist Niels Lynnerup - who contribute their experiences.

The book's leitmotif is a review of investigative work in the case of the 29-year-old Iranian woman Mahnaz Keyvanipour if burned ligrester in 1999 was found in a forest near Køge. The perpetrator turned out to be her Iranian ex-husband, who the following year was convicted of murder and deportation."

Kate McCann "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"

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Re: Danish crimeinvestigator:The Parents explenations just doesnt seem right

Post by Guest on 23.08.12 21:30

Is anyone else having problems getting in to this forum? for a long time I couldnt enter at all, and took me minutes to get into this thread, wich I found in a twitter message...

Anyway, interesting article, the vote in the middle of it goes wheter you belive the parents are involved or not, 55 % believes they where involved..!

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