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Watching a murder case on tv

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Watching a murder case on tv

Post by aniandr on 04.08.12 22:38

Was watching a murder case on tv with a man murdering his wife with a hammer but had set up the murder. He was for almost 10 years named a hero, until a witness came forward. After 10 years! One police officer didnt believe the husband all along and was laughed at. But he just new there was 2 many open ends. As he said "sometimes what is going on in what seems to be normal wouldnt believe it". The final clues was found 10 years later in a picture from the crime scene, the clothes from the husband and a witness...and suddenly it all came together.

It just reminded me of this case. There are just 2 many open ends. To many things that doesnt fit. I hope the police still got the evidece the dogs barked at. Tests from the car, clothes, floors etc. Im sure the anwser is in there, as far as the mccanns got anything to do with the dissaperance of their daughter.

The husband in the other case had an odd brhavior and was very interested and interferred with the police work. That was actually the starting point for the second investigation. As they said "normally people dont interfear. Ofcoz i think its different when its your child, but think of all children lost and how littel you hear. Mostly people hope, pray and respect the police. They dont interrupt police work and do media campains. Except husband in above case, he called policestation, he wanted to get his murderweapon back, he was in media saying thanks for support in his hard times of loosing his wife.

10 years later evidence tirns around when one person comes forward.

I wonder who that person will be.


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