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Core participants in the hacking enquiry: McCanns and others

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Core participants in the hacking enquiry: McCanns and others

Post by Tony Bennett on 14.09.11 14:16

  • Gerry McCann
  • Kate McCann
and these:

  • Chris Bryant
  • Tessa Jowell
  • Denis MacShane
  • Lord Prescott
  • Joan Smith
  • Christopher Shipman
  • Tom Rowland
  • Mark Lewis
  • Mark Thomson
  • Christopher Jefferies
  • Max Moseley
  • Brian Paddick
  • Paul Gascoigne
  • David Mills
  • Sienna Miller
  • Hugh Grant
  • Ben Jackson
  • Ciara Parkes
  • Simon Hughes
  • Max Clifford
  • Sky Andrew
  • Ulrika Jonsson
  • Mark Oaten
  • Michele Milburn
  • Abi Titmuss
  • Calum Best
  • Claire Ward
  • Mary-Ellen Field
  • Gary Flitcroft
  • Ian Hurst
  • Shobna Gulati
  • Mike Hollingsworth
  • Kieron Fallon
  • Ashvini Sharma
  • Tim Blackstone
  • Valatina Semenenko
  • Sally Dowler
  • Bob Dowler
  • Gemma Dowler
  • Sheryl Gascoigne
  • Graham Shear
  • JK Rowling
  • James Watson
  • Margaret Watson
Tony Bennett

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Re: Core participants in the hacking enquiry: McCanns and others

Post by lj on 14.09.11 14:30

I give up!

No wonder they think they are invincible.
Their is no way that all those idiots enabling these parents to unseen heights will permit the truth to be known.
They just cannot expose themselves as complete imbeciles.
I think I need a break.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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