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Just to cheer you all up.

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Just to cheer you all up.

Post by Gillyspot on 23.08.11 20:08

Ho this made me chuckle.

Firstly there is someone on twitter claiming to be Madeleine McCann's cousin but can''t spell her name right.

@HelpFindMaddie_ Madison McCann

Their tweets are sickening otherwise.

Also this is better. There is a facebook page all about "Finding Madison McCann" LOL.

Take a look

"A four year old little girl was abducted while sleeping. Maddy has been missing for 11 days. She was taken from a resort in Portugal and there is more information in the articles below.
It is believed that Maddison was sold to a commercial sex slavery ring.
The only way we'll find her is by all of us looking. Usually they are sold out of country very quickly and typically first to Mexico then into North America.
I BEG all of you to help intercept the sale. If you see her Please do all you can to get her away from her captives. Sometimes police action instigates another move or sale. If it comes down to it, someone may have to buy her in order to set her free. This is a brutal reality of sex slavery. Please help spread global awareness to intercept the sale of Maddy. Please Help bring her back to her parents.

My heart goes out to them and my prayers are with Maddy. As a mother myself..... I pray she is returned safely. "

Even dafter this page has 153 people who "like" it!

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