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One cheer for

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One cheer for

Post by Tony Bennett on 22.12.10 23:09

Far be it from me to recommend a McCann-believer blog, but I think I can muster at least one cheer, though most certainly not three, for it.

I give it a cheer for two reasons.

First, it brought us - yesterday - a copy of the anguished, angry and nervous, almost panic-stricken Portuguese press release from the McCanns in response to the Wikileaks leak of the U.S. ambassador who said that the British police were developing a case against the McCanns. So half a cheer for that.

And another half a cheer for this excellent introduction to their second piece, published today. It begins with these fine words:

"Have you ever read something on the internet or in the press and just taken it as fact? And later you discover that it wasn’t quite correctly reported or published? If you had the privilege to experience a good education you might have been exposed to a mantra that is widely followed, in general, all over the world: “Question everything”. There has been much misinformation in the press and on the internet about the Madeleine McCann case..."

Unfortunately, thereafter, it blots its copybook by delving into the Gaspars' statement, claiming that the Gaspars probably saw Dr David Payne scratching his chest and in any case were motivated by envy of the McCanns or had some other ulterior motive - the sort of thing that Daoud for example might well have written.
Tony Bennett

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Re: One cheer for

Post by Judge Mental on 23.12.10 1:44

If you had the privilege to experience a good education you might have been exposed to a mantra that is widely followed, in general, all over the world: “Question everything”


Oh dear. Abduction theorists and fence-sitters should take note of the latter two words above, and cross reference the time-lines within the Tapas 9's statements. This being one of the main reasons Mark Harrison and Lee Rainbow decided to ''develop'' their evidence against the McCanns in the first place.

This is purely academic, and perhaps a little indulgent to pick up on at this time, however one feels one should say that this is only part of a quote from a Greek source, and so should not be alluded to as a mantra. The philosophy of mantras have their origins in India, not Greece..

There is also much more to the Euripidean quote, which one feels should be stated in its entirety, for the benefit of those who may now be feeling they are being talked down to by whomever wrote the above. It is the person who wrote a shortened version of the quote above who appears to have missed out on '' the privilege of a good education''. For it is they who have yet to realise that when using quotes for the purposes of education, it is imperative to use it in its entirety, or they will leave even more questions unanswered. big grin

''Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing."

By the most remarkable coincidence, Euripides also said, “Leave no stone unturned.”
May one leave you with another Euripidean quote, which you may or may not find rather amusing, depending upon which side of the fence you are, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes angry.”

Who consistently expresses fury and anger? thinking


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Re: One cheer for

Post by Shibboleth on 23.12.10 11:53

If you had the privilege to experience a good education you might
have been exposed to a mantra that is widely followed, in general, all
over the world: “Question everything”

Is this supposed to be an insult? It sounds like something that Rosiepops would write. Well unfortunately for the McCann, we are only here because we are questioning everything.

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