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Supporting Dr Amaral and his family Mm11

Supporting Dr Amaral and his family Regist10

Supporting Dr Amaral and his family

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Supporting Dr Amaral and his family Empty Supporting Dr Amaral and his family

Post by Cheshire Cat on 18.04.11 12:10

Dr Amarals sister-in-law posted a couple of comments through the Mail on the weekend.

She is naturally very protective of her sisters family and I am sure that many on this forum and MM feel great compassion for Goncalo, Sophia and their children and also a similar sense of wanting to support and protect this good family.

I believe that it was admirable of the Madeleine Foundation to publicise the work Goncalo Amaral and to print facts about him that the press are keeping from the public.

Each time the McCann’s harass Dr Amaral I feel a surge in my feelings towards this man and his family. Feelings of wanting to protect and help this good family who are being terrorised by a gang of bullies.

This family need our help and support, they do not deserve to suffer!
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
Madeleine Foundation

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Supporting Dr Amaral and his family Empty Re: Supporting Dr Amaral and his family

Post by ufercoffy on 18.04.11 14:00

I agree, of course.

I don't know what we can do except to help Mr Bennett continue to get at the truth and hope that Mr Amaral gets the case reopened asap and get it resolved.

For sure there are very many people who have been following this case who will not go away until that day comes.

For Mr Bennett and Mr Amaral Supporting Dr Amaral and his family 957704

Whose cadaver scent and bodily fluid was found in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not Madeleine's?  Shocked

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