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The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Mm11

The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Regist10

The Sun - The Mark of Maddie

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The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Empty The Sun - The Mark of Maddie

Post by Doug D on 14.01.19 22:03

Twelve years on (only ten according to the article) & we are now back to this in The Sun! At least we can't blame Tracey for this one.
I thought it was nothing really,  ‘just a fleck’.

There is no mention of MM's eye in the bewk and certainly no coloboma.
What is coloboma, Madeleine McCann’s eye defect? What causes it and how rare is it? Here’s all you need to know
Maddie has a mark of the extremely rare condition in her right eye - and it could help police find her
By Josie Griffiths 
14th January 2019, 9:07 pm
IN the search for Madeleine McCann, who vanished 10 years ago, scores of distinct images of the then three-year-old have been released.
A retired policeman has claimed that facial recognition technology could be the key to finding her due to the mark in her right eye. But what exactly is it?

What is coloboma?

Coloboma is a gap in part of the eye’s structure, normally towards the bottom of the eye.
It can affect just one or both eyes, and does not mean that there is a hole in the eyes – just that they did not fully form during pregnancy.
Coloboma can affect the iris, lens and retina. It is hard to tell how much a child’s vision has been affected until they are older.
The most common form of coloboma is the one affecting the iris – often giving the sufferer a pupil shaped like a keyhole.
Children with this form tend to have fairly good vision, although they might dislike bright lights.

How common is coloboma?

Coloboma is extremely rare, only occurring in one in 10,000 births.
While Maddie’s mark could affect as few as seven out of one million people.
Speaking of facial recognition software, retired detective chief inspector Mick Neville told The Sun: “If an image search was carried out for females in an age range of three to 15 with this eye marking then you may only have a few hundred in the UK and tens of thousands worldwide.
“It would be an easily manageable number to scan through.”

What causes coloboma?

Coloboma occurs when a baby’s eye or eyes do not develop properly during pregnancy – which happens between the fourth and 15th week after conception.
Sometimes it is inherited, but in most cases there is not a genetic link.
However, if your child has coloboma then you yourself should get your eyes tested – in case you have undiagnosed problems.
Not much is known about other causes of coloboma.

How is coloboma treated?

Coloboma cannot be cured – but is monitored with six monthly and then yearly eye checks.
Some children with coloboma may need to wear glasses, and adults can get cosmetic contact lenses to make the pupil look round.
Prescription sunglasses are sometimes advised, because of the light sensitivity.
Doug D

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The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Empty Re: The Sun - The Mark of Maddie

Post by sar on 14.01.19 23:22

this is mental

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The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Empty Re: The Sun - The Mark of Maddie

Post by Roidininki on 14.01.19 23:24

Madeleine's passport describes it as a small mark iirc
and  in the Piers Morgan interview when he asked her about it 

K. MCCANN: If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye, because I think you have to be very close to her to see it. But her eyes are slightly different colors, and one of them has this brown fleck in it. But you do notice, particularly on photographs 

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The Sun - The Mark of Maddie Empty Re: The Sun - The Mark of Maddie

Post by Verdi on 15.01.19 0:47

This is an old report for some reason rekindled by the Sun..

The Sun - The Mark of Maddie 181b0f91-3303-4573-b6f1-126ae16e8372

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