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The Journalist - A Retrospection Mm11

The Journalist - A Retrospection Regist10

The Journalist - A Retrospection

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The Journalist - A Retrospection Empty The Journalist - A Retrospection

Post by Verdi on 19.05.18 2:10

As the months and years evolved, beginning early May 2007 right up to present day, a number of journalists, investigative, otherwise and even columnists have been very enthusiastic when reporting and writing, not so much about little lost Madeleine McCann but more about the parents - Gerry and Kate McCann.  An enigma in itself.

One such humanoid has a longstanding career in crime journalism with the world organ Sky News and it's grinder Rupert Murdoch.  I refer to Martin Brunt, a prolific reporter who has covered the McCanns extensively since the summer of '07.

This is what skygroup has to say about one of their leading crime reporters..


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Martin Brunt

Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt covers crime stories worldwide and has broken exclusive news stories through his extensive network of contacts. He has been with Sky News since the beginning in 1989.

Martin was first to report the arrest of Amy Winehouse, the resignation of Sir Ian Blair, and was the first to interview Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat, he has also covered both the First Gulf War and the Balkan War. Martin’s contacts led to Sky News being first to report that the July 7 events in London were the work of terrorists and allowed Sky News to break the news of the death of the Queen Mother. During the Ipswich murders, a Suffolk Police Press Officer remarked to another journalist, as reported in the Times: ‘Call Martin Brunt. He knows everything before we do.’

Martin has travelled to the Philippines to investigate those trading in dog flesh, to South Africa to investigate the murder enquiry that began after a boy’s torso was found in the River Thames in 2001 and to Cambodia on the hunt for British paedophiles. 2010 saw Martin invited to Brazil where he was the first journalist to address Interpol’s annual fugitives’ conference and in 2011, from Lithuania, Martin covered the trial of Michael Campbell, a member of the Real IRA who was jailed for 12 years after buying weapons and explosives.

The case of the McCanns, because that's what this is all about, right up there at the top of the list of notable achievements.  The first to interview Robert Murat - the same Robert Murat who discussed matters of great seriousness during a recorded telephone call. 

More to follow - meanwhile, feel free to add to the list.

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The Journalist - A Retrospection Empty Re: The Journalist - A Retrospection

Post by willowthewisp on 19.05.18 15:14

Hi Verdi,How could you forget that Martin *unt was outside Mrs Brenda Leyland's abode,with his infamous recall,"Well sweepyface,her secret identity isn't a secret anymore"waving his Papers aloft of his head>

then deliberately taunting Mrs Leyland of being reported to the Police,stating a "Secret Dossier" which Sir Bernaard Hogan Howe was to investigate,after being contacted by Gerry and big Jim Gamble making up a quartet of muskateers of Un-desirables!

All of the above males have One common denominator, an affiliation to Rupert Murdoch,Sky News Corporation!

If the Police are commenting that a Journalist Reporter knows more than them,then it equates to specific inside knowledge(MI5/6) being involved?

Look at the unsolved Murder of Daniel Morgan and the Rupert Murdoch affiliations involving former Prime Ministers,PR meisters and Sun News Paper Editors,Phone Hacking,now into Medical Information?

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