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Did Kate and Gerry McCann say the Portuguese Police didn't try hard enough?

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Did Kate and Gerry McCann say the Portuguese Police didn't try hard enough?

Post by Jill Havern on 28.03.17 15:31

Nicked from CMOMM facebook - perhaps this could be another photo thread of all the dog and people searches?

Mark Maloney
1 hr

Did I missread that the McCann’s stated that the Portuguese police didn’t try hard enough to find Madeline back in 2007. This I find confusing, especially when one looks at searches actually undertaken by all the emergency services in Portugal. Shown by this timeline constructed from the GNR Officers statements within the PJ files. This list is not exhaustive and many more people searched for Madeline on their off duty/holiday downtime.

Searches - GNR/PJ Timeline

3 May 2007
22.40 Ocean Club staff report missing child to Control
22.43 patrol dispatched approx.
23.00 GNR patrol arrives Ocean Club 14.7 km 17 minutes
Jose Maria Batista Roque - 1st responder - 21 years
Nelson Filipe Pida Costa - 1st Responder search apartment
23.17 Patrol contacts Sergeant Antonio Henrique Conceicao Duarte (Commander)
23.50 Sergeant Antonio Henrique Conceicao Duarte (Commander) arrives Ocean Club
Several off duty officers join the search

4 May 2007
00.12 Policia Judiciare - PJs contacted by commander
00.40 PJ Inspector arrives
Two sniffer dog teams requested from Portimao territory
01.00 Group Commander briefed – Contact Oveluz GNR School (S&R dog team begin)
02.15 Further PJs arrive
08.00 4 officers S&R arrive with dogs
9 officers GNR plus Rapid Intervention force search beach 12.00 Criminal Investigation Section notified
15.00 Major Sequiera Operation Commander arrived with civil dignities Chamber, President Luz parish Maritime Authority
22.00 meeting Agree search next day
23.00 3 more sniffer dog teams = six officers

5 May 2007
08.00 6 Officers EPG sniffer S&R
20 GNR officers
10 Portimao
10 Albufeira
10 Portimao
10 silves
15 oficers FIR and IC
6 Officers GIPS
5 officers Portimao prosecution Division
4 T4 Faro
Commander lagos cancels all officers leave
Lagos police security police volunteer
Maritime Police join the search
Portugese Red Cross join the search
6 Algarve reserve team ECRA join the search
11.00 Meeting Portimao DIC attended by Director + Coordinator, PJ and Group Commander
Feasability STOP roads policy
Lagos Security police random stops search vehicles especially EN125 roundabout A22
17 search sectors

6 May 2007
08.00 Research urban Areas – contact house owners locked properties
Same number of officers searching Approx 96
Faro territory STOP operation
Replaced by EVORA Territory

7 May 2007
08.00 No positive results on 24 hr searches
Search area expanded 250 square kilometres Lagos – Vila De Bispo
Radius 15km
19.00 Meeting PJs Viability sniffer dogs search OC
23.00 Sniffer dogs search OC
5A response to Madeline’s scent
5J unusual response?

8 May 2007
08.00 Search joined by forest fire fighting officers Torres de Infante association
3 ATV search forest
14 search areas

9 – 10 May 2007
Officers stood down
18 May 2007
Sniffer Dog teams stood down
Sniffer Dog Teams
Sgt Silva Dog Timmy
Officer Cortez Dog Sacha
Officer Sousa Dog Kolly/Cookie
Officer Roas Dog Oscar
Officer Martins Dog Fusco
Officer Fernandez Dog Rex/Zarus
Major Sequeira Operational Commander

Considering the scale of this operation. I can’t help feel perturbed by the McCann’s statement that the Portuguese Authorities did nothing to find Madeline. Especially since, they spent their time in 5A, whilst so many people searched for their little girl 24/7. It doesn’t add up to me. I have to congratulate the Portuguese police on pulling off this search operation so swiftly considering the restraints placed upon them.
Jill Havern

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Re: Did Kate and Gerry McCann say the Portuguese Police didn't try hard enough?

Post by suespeaking on 30.03.17 23:52

We were on holiday nearby at the time, not only was there a very large police operation many local people and tourists joined the search.  Posters were in every shop window and on peoples cars.  One family we met had a daughter of around the same age, blond, similar hairstyle, they had taken to walking around with their passports they had been stopped so often.


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