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Madeleine - The first few years

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Re: Madeleine - The first few years

Post by Amy Dean on 16.03.17 17:13

This is all very strange to me too. Why can't W-U-D express her views on the book here?

As for exclamation marks, I use them all the time to indicate that I am being amusing (or trying to be at least) or that a comment I'm copying is bizarre in some respect.
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Re: Madeleine - The first few years

Post by Guest on 16.03.17 17:13

@Roxyroo wrote:I don't understand what you're getting at Verdi? Can you explain to me also please? If she's free to post whatever she wants why can't WUP post her thoughts on the book, using her personal experiences to highlight the strangeness of it, just like i did.
RoxyRoo I appreciate your support but I really think we should let a moderator sort it out. I have been been accused of a number of things today that are not true, and there have been way too many barbed comments  by someone who likes to make assumptions. I want a moderator to look back at this thread because I have been polite and on topic but have been forced to defend innocuous comments, my use of exclamation marks and the discussion has been derailed. I think this discussion should now close until it's been moderated. Thanks again.  Please moderate - this has been very unpleasant. Very sad because I put a lot of effort into the original post.


Kate McCann's book and her reason for writing it has always been a subject of interest and has generated opposing views and sometimes heated discussion.

No one has suggested the topic is forbidden, all forum members are free to discuss the book but please keep discussion civil. 

Thank you.



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