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The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead   Mm11

The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead   Regist10

The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead

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The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead   Empty The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead

Post by Tony Bennett on 01.01.17 22:14

The longest-running libel case in world history, McCanns v Amaral, enters its ninth calendar year: a few predictions for the year ahead  

It comes as a shock to realise that 1 January 2016 makes this the ninth calendar year since the McCanns first submitted their libel writ in the Lower Lisbon court back in June 2009:

2009 – Year 1
2010 – Year 2
2011 – Year 3
2012 – Year 4
2013 – Year 5
2014 – Year 6
2015 – Year 7
2016 – Year 8
2017 – Year 9. 

I make it 2,759 days today since the libel action started. 

There are so many features of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann which make this case utterly unique, but surely one of the most important is that it has taken the Portuguese authorities 2,759 days and counting and they still have not made a final decision on the case. 

I cannot think there is one decent Portuguese citizen who does not thoroughly lament  the complete inability of the Portuguese judicial authorities to resolve this case by now. Particularly so since, six years ago, the Portuguese Appeal and then the Supreme Courts (October 2010 and March 2011 respectively) made very unequivocal, decisive rulings in favour of Goncalo Amaral, saying that, under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, he was entitled to give his account of the investigation  which he had headed for 5 months. 

It has been well said: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.  Surely this applies supremely to the plight of both Goncalo Amaral and the McCanns in this case - living with the courts’  indecisiveness and delays for nine years - though of course the McCanns have entirely brought this on themselves by inadvisedly starting the problem-fraught libel action themselves in the first place. 

Long ago, McCanns v Amaral broke world records as the longest-running libel action in world history and I will make this confident prediction – that record will never be broken and will be a permanent stain on Portugal’s judiical system. 

Another deep stain on Portugal’s record in this case was its capitulation to the British government in forcing Goncalo Amaral off the case on 2 October 2007. Who knows why they did it? One of their senior detectives, with an impressive track record, had been bundled off the case after arresting the parents and making them suspects, having patiently built up a mountain of forensic and circumstantial evidence. Did the Portuguese government merely give way to a greater power, the U.K.? I doubt it. More like it was horse-trading, something like: “Look, you get Amaral of the case and put in a puppet, and we’ll make sure that no-one gets to know how major British banks funded huge bribes to your two Ministers over Freeport”. 

We must face the fact that Portugal is a deeply corrupt country, regularly featuring in international surveys  as one of the most corrupt countries on the continent of Europe. 

Who was the Portuguese Prime Minister at the time Madeleine was reported missing?

Jose Socrates. He is now awaiting trial on several corruption charges, here’s a Wikipedia update: 

“On 21 November 2014 Jose Socrates was arrested in Lisbon, accused of corruption, tax evasion, and money laundering, becoming the first ex-PM in the history of the country to be thus accused. On 24 November Sócrates was remanded in custody on preliminary charges of corruption and tax fraud.  He was held in the prison of Évora till 4 September 2015 when he left the prison for a relative's house in Lisbon, where he remained under house arrest until 16 October 2015. That day, a judge released him from house arrest, allowing him to await the end of the investigation in freedom, although remaining forbidden to leave the country and of contacting with other suspects of the case”. 

Was this seriously corrupt man the individual who ordered Goncalo Amaral off the case? More than likely – he and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown were in regular touch with each other during 2007.  

So against that unhappy background, here are a few predictions of what might be in the news this year about Madeleine: 

The long-awaited Supreme Court decision in McCanns v Amaral 

Surely we will get this in 2017 -– sooner rather than later? 

And if we do, it will surely endorse the decisions of the Appeal Court last year, which decided  5 out of 7 issues in favour of Goncalo Amaral and against the the McCanns. 

But will that be the end of it? 

Probably not. Because either side can then effectively appeal their decision to the European Court of Human Rights. 

The end of Operation Grange? 

It comes as another shock to realise that 2017 actually marks the seventh calendar year that Operation Grange has been in existence: 

Set up in May 2011 –Year 1
2012 - Year 2
2013 - Year 3
2014 - Year 4
2015 - Year 5
2016 - Year 6
2017 - Year 7. 

2063 days and counting so far. and probably over £13 million spent. 

And for what? 

Back in January 2015, I predicted that Operation Grange would probably end quietly just before the General Election of that year. I was wrong. 

It now looks as though Operation Granage is being continued so long as the McCanns v Amaral trial continues. So maybe, after the Portuguese Supreme Court rules on the case, we will get the long-awaited announcement that Operation Grange is to close. 

I called Operation Grange an ‘expensive charade’ from Day One. The remit – ‘only investigate the abduction’ – confirmed my belief. At the time, there was a chorus of voices on CMOMM and elsewhere who denounced my ‘negativity’ and ‘cynicism’ etc. etc. I appreciate that so many people really hoped this would be a genuine, ‘no-holds-barred’ investigation into the truth. But how many believe that now? 

I stick however by my prediction that when Grange does finally come to an end, we will get  a blizzard of superficially impressive statistics – e.g. we looked at x thousand documents, with xx pages in them, investigated in depth y suspects and persons of interest, analysed z mobile ‘phone records etc. etc.    

After that, we will be told that despite the superhuman efforts of some of the Met’s top investigators, no-one can be arrested, either because the main abduction suspect is dead, or because the Portuguese authorities say they have insufficient evidence to arrest him. 

Anyways up, it will all be one gigantic lie. And the British mainstream media will all regurgitate these lies. And once again, the vast majority of the British public will believe them. Such is the power of (a) propaganda and (b) Britain’s draconian libel laws.               

The commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance 

Surely there will be ‘Much Ado About Madeleine’ around early May this year? 

Clarence Mitchell has already spoken of approaches by companies. Surely by now decisions have been made about who will be favoured by being offered an interview with the McCanns, who will be doing the inevitable documentary, which newspapers will be favoured by being offered exciting leaks from ‘sources close to the investigation. 

For anyone who hasn’t seen Richard Hall’s take on Clarence Mitchell’s pompous talk earlier last year to an Australian media conference, here is the link to the video once again which exposes Mitchell’s untruths: 

Any significant media coverage around this time is almost certainly going to be exploited by a group of organisations concerned with missing children… 

Missing People
Amber Alert

On the bright side, Richard Hall has his FIFTH Madeleine documentary due in February/March

He has said it will include material on Robert Murat and on ‘How Madeleine died’ and why there has been a cover-up.

Details of his March/April tour here, including booking details: 


And CMOMM? Member numbers have risen sharply this year. Numbers viewing have remained strong for most of the years, and now we have the ‘Feedjit Live’ thing we can all see how many people, from all parts of the world, are checking in to CMOMM, click on ‘Real-time view’ and up comes a list of the most recent 50 visitors to the Home page alone. Most times of the day it’s more than one a minute.

And CMOMM on Google+ is now fast approaching 96 million views

Er, that’s about it. Except for one or two handy ‘sightings’, such as the lonely Swedish 21-year-old girl we saw in Italy this year who was said to be Madeleine. 

Oh, and plus extensive re-hashing of dozens of the misleading media reports on the case we have had over the last ten years.     


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie Mcann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

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