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"Likes" can be bought on Facebook Mm11

"Likes" can be bought on Facebook Regist10

"Likes" can be bought on Facebook

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"Likes" can be bought on Facebook Empty "Likes" can be bought on Facebook

Post by sallypelt on 12.09.14 21:43

There has been a lot of debate on McCann hashtag in the past 48 hours or so. These tweets have been baffling me, because I don't know what they are on about. However, reading between the lines, it appears to be something that someone has put on Facebook. I don't have a Facebook account, but I did a search on "buying likes on Facebook, and I came up with this interesting article:

Money can buy you 'Likes': Facebook's latest money-making scheme is paid-for posts which pop up high in site's news feeds

$5 will ensure 700 people see a post
$75 will ensure 14,000 see it

Open to people and businesses
'Promoted posts' to launch worldwide
Prices to go up to $70 per post

Facebook has finally launched a controversial ‘pay to post’ service that allows people and businesses to ensure their updates are seen - for a price.

The company was found testing the feature, called promoted posts, in New Zealand recently.

The money-making scheme comes in the wake of controversy over Facebook's recent flotation on the stock market - and concerns over the value of the social network.

However, today it went official with a video on the site explaining how the process will work.

‘When you post on your page, it currently may only reach a limited amount of the people that Like your page each week,’ a Facebook staffer says via a video posted on the social network.

‘Promoted posts help increase the people you reach for any eligible post. It’s an easy and fast way to reach more of the people that Like your page and your friends.’

In example screenshots of the service, costs range from $5 to ensure 700 see a post to $20 to reach 2,200 people, although it is believed the pricing could change.

People will see promoted posts labeled with ‘Sponsored’ in their news feed, and post can be promoted to everyone, or just people in certain areas - so a cafe, for instance, could only promote to local customers.

‘Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your Page than would normally see it,’ Facebook said on its site

What sad times we live in.

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"Likes" can be bought on Facebook Empty Re: "Likes" can be bought on Facebook

Post by Doug D on 12.09.14 22:01

I posted this on another thread at 8.40 this morning. This is what is causing a fuss on twitter:
Deano Boroczky
September 10
Don't see how Madeline Mcann's parents can release a book and make money off the fact they left their 3 children alone to go party. I'm sorry but what a pair of absolute twats.
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46 of 23,471

This facebook thread has gone bonkers for some reason. Seems like the book has at last stirred up a real hornets nest, presumably not in the supportive/whitewash manner the Mc’s would have hoped for.
These figures have now gone up to:

272,462 people like this.

 previous comments
so although he was actually referring to the original ‘bewk’, the exposure and vast majority of comments are welcome.
Doug D

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