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Mc Trial

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Mc Trial

Post by Loving Mom on 10.06.14 4:08

CynicAl wrote:


I've repeatedly asserted that a high level conspiracy to cover-up and pervert the course of justice from the outset would have resulted in this case looking very, very different, having been dead and moot for several years by now, never to be resurrected, with the principals who could open their mouths and spoil it all being as quiet as the grave, or else in the grave.

The reason why is that if you're going to be secretive, you don't want loose ends, loose nuts, loose cannons...

Loving Mom wrote:

CynicAl is making the most sense. By applying the facts to the case, he is by far the most logical in stating this does not resemble a cover up or whitewash at all.

Furthermore, according to the PJ's conclusion, there was not an abduction and that the Mc's know it. Since PJ reopened the case, it would only be logical that the Mc's will be brought to trial, they have every intention of seeking justice. What exactly the PJ will charge them with may be a lesser charge than they'd like to charge them with but I believe justice will be sought in the near future.

Loving Mom

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