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Financial implications of the trial?

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Financial implications of the trial?

Post by Pershing36 on 07.01.14 11:58

Been thinking about it and I was wondering if any one has knowledge/theories about how the trial would effect the loser financially.  I am not the brightest spark so forgive me if I have this all wrong. Admins feel free to delete if you think this thread is inappropriate at this time.

Now I don't want to get into speculation about the result but just how it is going to effect the loser.

From what I gather these libel trials have hit GA hard so far and he doesn't seem to have the millionaire backing that TM have enjoyed so far.

However I am sure I read that the legal backer of the McCann's, Mr double Glazing withdrew his backing for his financial reasons.  Now it has been said that CR work for free for them although I would be surprised if they were prepared to take on this long case knowing they would get nothing if they were to lose.  The costs must be massive by now with all the coming and going to Portugal.  Looking back to the figures they came up with originally for TB it doesn't bear thinking about what the costs of this trial would be by now. Even if they were to win would GA have enough assets and money to cover CR's bill, so effectively it looks like they would lose even if they win.

Again I have no idea how this is being funded.  Now I know many are convinced GA will win and I wish him luck.  Lets say he wins and that TM are now stuck with the legal costs. They could be very substantial by now and I take it they would be liable for GA's costs as well as their own?

Would this rinse out the fund as surely it would be a financial asset?  I remember reading recently the fund wasn't particularly healthy and they were counting on winning this trial and the money being transferred to the fund. 

Now this has got me thinking since the fund has been closed to donations on the website for sometime.  Could this be a way of stopping money they could have been collecting from finding its way in to paying legal costs if they are unsuccessful?

Just a few things I have been thinking of I thought I would share.

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