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Rise of the superinjunction: libel, privacy and press freedom under fire in the UK

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Rise of the superinjunction: libel, privacy and press freedom under fire in the UK

Post by Jill Havern on 15.04.10 8:53

Frontline Club in London hosted a debate on the use of super-injunctions last night with Guardian investigations editor David Leigh, Carter-Ruck partner Nigel Tait, science writer Simon Singh and David Hooper, a media law specialist and partner at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.

(Video available on Joana's site)

«It's one of the world's oldest surviving democracies, but just how free is the British media? Law firms can and do serve newsdesks with so-called superinjunctions banning all mention of their client or of the writ itself.

Lawyers acting for footballer John Terry and oil trader Trafigura [Carter Ruck] both tried this tactic to stop unfavourable coverage - only for the facts to eventually trickle into the public domain.

Are these strong-arm tactics a threat to press freedom? Or simply an inevtiable response to the irresponsible, scandal-obsessed British newspapers? And more importantly, how can lawyers and judges expect to keep allegations secret when it only takes one person and a broadband connection to publish them around the world in seconds.»

from Frontline Club

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Re: Rise of the superinjunction: libel, privacy and press freedom under fire in the UK

Post by Judge Mental on 16.04.10 1:03

Watch out for Mitchell, no matter which political party gets the keys to govern next time.

This man knows the darkest secrets of all the top political and influential figures. He is becomingly increasingly dangerous as each year goes by. His primary job is to protect them

I would urge anybody planning to vote for the Tories and their promise to bring back the despicable crime of fox-hunting, to write to Cameron urgently, and advise him that unless he dismisses Mitchell forthwith, he can kiss their vote goodbye.

He is still in charge of media-monitoring, and he is more of an arse-licker today than he has ever been.
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