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Steps and baby gate

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Steps and baby gate

Post by pulch on 27.10.13 11:30

With the new info on the other thread that said about MM could of wondered out and Smith man had been suppressed. IMO I always thought it would be simple, so Iooked where the outside cadaver scent was found and it was in the flowerbed at the bottom of the stairs. I thought I read that a scent couldn't be light or heavy, its just a scent. But I read it was a light scent. I think they didn't check them regularly so didn't find her body for at least 50 mins or so. I think she got up after GM last check, climbed up to the baby gate, my daughter does this a lot and she started doing it from when she was 3. I think she went head over feet and got a nasty wound from falling. Those steps look very steep. She could of fell down into the flowerbed and died. Someone eventually discovered her and took her upstairs in the flat to their room, they cleared her up and changed her clothes. Hide the blood stained clothes, clean up materials behind the sofa, as the scent can cross contamine. Maybe they did go out with her looking for help, medical place closed, but panicked and decided to hide her somewhere. Maybe KM meant they've taken her as in Gerry had gone to hide her before she had said a last goodbye or something?? Or the planned abduction line just didn't come out right with nerves. We need a witness that saw a man with a tennis bag. All my own opinion and just a theory.


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