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BBC time line of events

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BBC time line of events

Post by Trainer on 14.10.13 18:46

BBC news web site listing a time line following the "disappearance "
Some of the details will remind the casual readers of the important details, 

Late July: British sniffer dogs flown out to Portugal. Keela, who can detect minute quantities of blood, and Eddie, who is trained to detect bodies, work in the apartment and several cars, including the hire car the McCanns had rented 25 days after Madeleine disappeared.
11 August: One hundred days after Madeleine disappeared, investigating officers publicly acknowledge she could be dead. Police say Mr and Mrs McCann are not being considered as suspects following newspaper speculation that they are under suspicion.
31 August: The McCanns launch a libel action against Portuguese newspaper Tal & Qual which claimed "police believe" they killed their daughter. The McCanns say they are "deeply hurt" by the allegations.
6 September: Portuguese police interview Kate McCann for 11 hours as a witness in the presence of her lawyer.
7 September: During further questioning of Mr and Mrs McCann, detectives make them both "arguidos". Later, a family representative says officers believe they have found traces of Madeleine's blood in the McCanns' hire car.
9 September: Kate and Gerry McCann return home to Rothley, Leicestershire.

It must be uncomfortable reading for some

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Re: BBC time line of events

Post by Guest on 14.10.13 18:48

Moved your post in here trainer, as not latest news thumbsup 

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