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Basic parental responsibility

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Basic parental responsibility

Post by whmon on 17.08.13 22:59

I've just read this old article. I hadn't read it before as I don't set much store in this sort of thing. However, this statement by GM made me sit up:
"I keep saying this, but to anyone, the casual observer, I think we look like an ordinary family.
"And that is how it is most of the time, Sean and Amelie completely understand what we are doing and occasions like this why we are away from home.
"They know, we keep them updated about what is happening and the developments, you know about the Met, about the new age-progression."
His wife added: "You have to kind of fight against it (being over-protective) a little bit to be honest, to let them develop and enjoy life like other children. It is inevitable I think."
Mr McCann went on: "I certainly think I am more protective than what I was, and Kate, before, I would have said was on the over-protective side and that is one of the ironic things about this.
"But you can't mollycoddle them. At the same time they have got to develop and become independent. I feel strongly about that.

This statement confirms to me that the parents are mentally unsound and therefore capable of who knows what.

Was leaving them alone and vulnerable night after night being 'over-protective'???? The real meaning of 'over-protective' is putting your children before yourself so that your children don't even realize it. Two months ago, my then still-at-home son left to go and live overseas. It broke my heart but I acted happy and excited for him so that he would not feel sad for me. There is no way on Earth that I would have ever left the house with him there alone when he was small.

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