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Strongwood Investigation

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Strongwood Investigation

Post by Ruby on 29.03.10 13:30

Copied over from MM: I can see it's not 'new' news but it's new to me; please delete if everyone has already seen...

jul 2007 08
Strongwood investigates Madeleine McCann case
Placed in International, Press Releases

A special missing person team of Investigations Company Strongwood has been investigating the Madeleine McCann case as of the end of June. The team was hired by a group of more than 105.000 Dutch citizens to do this investigation at only the costs of research.

The team has conducted an intensive preliminary analysis based on all the facts, scenarios, information, leads, broadcastings of interviews and images received by tested clairvoyance from the Netherlands and USA.

On the 31 of July the Team wend to Praia da Luz to investigate and conclude if al findings where possible. The team was formed of three detectives, a child expert in special children with a disorder, and a tested person with special abilities.

It became clear that the scenario of what might have happened became closer and closer to the leads this team was heading to. Because the media was watching the investigation team of the Portuguese police with two British investigators and well trained dogs, the Strongwood team could do their research without intervention.

While profiling involved people and researching our facts the team concluded that Madeleine could have been died before 19:00 we also found that Madeleine is a kid with a disability (autistic) which could explain her behavior and explain some witness declarations. The dogs of the British police marked the dead of the child in the apartment with traces of found blood. If death is marked than the child must have been death in that apartment for a couple of hours. Our team thinks she is moved from there with a white combi/transit vehicle to a beach location, while dumping the body into the sea. The person who has been seen walking with a child is a contradiction, but because one of the friends stated this witness declaration she would have recognize the child as Madeleine.

We are convinced that the body has been dropped into the sea at the rocks on the left of the beach. What is happened is not sure, our calculations and facts indicated a possible time of dead or as much as a time she was already dead. If this had happened inside the apartment it indicates a possibility that resort employees, the McCann’s or their friends, or one of them knew this. Also the fact that the place could have been cleaned points in that direction.

Robert Murat has been seen on the evening/night of the 3rd the question is was he at home on the time he stated to the police. Our investigation leads in no way to this suspect other than that Murat could have done some things he didn’t want the police finding out before Madeleine even disappeared.

We had contacts with the Portuguese police and attended them on our investigation but as the new team with the British was formed, all communications channels where closed. We have tried to get our team in contact with the British investigators leading the portages team but we could not reach them at different times or where busy investigating.

Back home we started to gather all information and findings of our investigation in Portugal and we are now investigation all this information and concentrating on the questions it gives. We are also watching the given statements on video by the McCann’s for psychological profiling. There are some indications that signals are not in the right context.

Another article from Strongwood/investigation for Trafigura

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