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Another case of doctors wanting to suppress evidence

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Another case of doctors wanting to suppress evidence

Post by statsman on 27.10.12 8:00

I've just read this article on Lynne McTaggart's blog

It's a bit too long to quote in its entirety but the following quotes interest me since they show that the McCanns are not the only doctors who attack anyone who holds a different belief based on reliable evidence.
As you know, in a stroke of irony that seems to have escaped most of the press, science author Simon Singh, self-styled ‘freedom of speech advocate’ has been busy attempting to ban our new magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You.
More attempts to ban
He’s been writing to our distributor, to the supermarkets and newsagents that stock us and is presently trying to get the Advertising Standards Authority to investigate claims by our advertisers – even to query our claims that we’ve been applauded by the media, including The Times as a ‘voice in the silence’ (it was Thursday, August 10, 1989, around the time that we first launched the title, to save him and the ASA the trouble).

For a self-styled ‘advocate for free speech’ Simon Singh is spending a strange amount of time trying to silence others.

While this was going on, a Glasgow GP by the name of Margaret McCartney, whom I’d debated on radio 4 that week, announced to me that she was doing a review of WDDTY for the British Medical Journal.
Since she is another sort of ‘champion,’ this time of evidence-based medicine, I sent her a evidence-based review of all the literature about Gardasil by a team of University of British Columbia doctors, who’d been prompted to do such a review after being confronted with so many cases of girls who’d suddenly developed strange symptoms after getting this jab.
They came to the same conclusions I did, that the vaccine’s effectiveness was unproven, that data had been misinterpreted, that the safety profile was suspect and that it was contrary to growing evidence that from vaccine surveillance databases and case studies linking the vaccine to deaths and permanent disabilities.

In one respect, Lynne McTaggart is more fortunate than Tony Bennett in that Private Eye has come to her aid by doing a proper investigation into her story.

I do wish they'd do the same for Tony.

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