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The Gag español

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The Gag español

Post by Guest on 30.05.12 20:22

Has anyone read / heard about this second book that Amaral G wrote? If, does anyone know of an english translation ?

I found this vid on youtube, and the text following it is this :

Madeleine's parents are now living a new chapter of his nightmare. After denouncing the former Portuguese inspector Gonçalo Amaral for the publication of a book on the case, which accuses Kate and Gerry McCann of involvement in the death of his daughter, has gone public, according to The Mirror, a second book which implies that there are tracks that disappeared from the scene.
Gonçalo Amaral was reported by the McCanns after publishing his first book, 'The truth about the lie. It defends the thesis that the parents of the girl, missing for over two years in Portugal, are involved in the death of the child.
To defend this hypothesis weighs on demand for ex-cop 1'2 million euros
The book also is banned in Portugal, where they have withdrawn all copies.
Second Book
But far from being intimidated by these judgments, Amaral has written a second book, 'The Gag español', in which the former inspector hints that there is important data on a pink blanket that disappeared the same night they lost track of Madeleine .
Given the suggestion that some evidence disappeared from the room in Praia da Luz where Madeleine was sleeping, the parents of the girls have shown angry, "the level is desperate lies and distortions that are sprung on us," says a source close to the McCanns.
The source states that the proposed blanket "can be seen in the first photos taken of the room and Amaral was not there," he explains. BQM
Kate and Gerry McCann will launch a new offensive against sites and blogs on the Internet that support the theory that their daughter Madeleine McCann have been killed.
This has also been one of the reasons for the couple to return to Portugal.
Attorneys be instructed to prepare a batch of measures designed to deter the authors of blogs and Internet sites that persist in following the case.

Donal MacIntyre investigates the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, exclusively for the Sunday Express. For the very latest on the Madeleine investigation, go to:

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