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Will this now be reopened

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Will this now be reopened

Post by alfie02 on 10.03.12 21:25

I have been a keen follower of the Madeleinne McCann disappearance, and i have always thought there was something very suspicious about the whole thing. From day one the parents accounts and the rest of their friends, families accounts didnt add up. I kept an open mind, but i have been on numerous sites online, and this one is filled with an enormous amount of information, and has always had very healthy and sometimes, quite heated discussions and debates regarding what has or hasnt happened to her. Now the parents characters always puzzled me, the way they have persistently, declared nothing has happened to her as there has been no evidence, but clearly there is a vast amount of albiet circumstancial evidence to imply that madeleinne, has lost her life. Now i may be wrong, but have i, the same as probably millions of people worldwide, been duped? So with this fresh investigation, will the McCanns and their friends now be made Arguidos? or am i hoping for too much?

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Re: Will this now be reopened

Post by Truthseeker2012 on 11.03.12 3:29

I suspect that the person(s) guilty for Madeleines death will never go to prison.


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