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Teofilo Manuel Furtado Castela - Administrative Services Manager - Witness statement

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Teofilo Manuel Furtado Castela - Administrative Services Manager - Witness statement

Post by Guest on 07.01.12 21:25

his work area is in the tourist resort situated on 44 Rua Direita, a local which is 500 meters in distance from the apartment where the English child named Madeleine disappeared;

Questioned as to whether in Past times he noted or was aware through communication with colleagues of the resort that a strange person/personsWere seen around the resort, or asked strange questions about the tourists and children who accompanied them or about the proper installations of the resort, the deponent states that only an employee named Bernardino Silva, told him on Friday, the 04 of May, that the day prior, the date the child went missing, that hesaw a strange individual around the resort; . The deponent does not remember any details of what that employee told him but knows that the same employee was already questioned by the Judicial Police regarding these facts;

In the PJ files I find the statement from only one person Named Bernardino Abreu Pereira da
Silva (bernardino APD Silva)

But His first statement seem to miss, or it is supposed to be there, but it is a statement from a cook, and a small statement from Bernardino where he menstion nothing about a stranger..So where is his statement? Witheld or lost in translation? I suppose the statement from natalia Pasa isn't supposed to be on this page..

372 to 373
- Witness statement of
Bernardino Abreu Pereira da Silva 2007.05.07

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Re: Teofilo Manuel Furtado Castela - Administrative Services Manager - Witness statement

Post by Badboys on 13.01.12 21:54

Interesting and strange.


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