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The Church

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The Church

Post by Mini Slueth on 13.06.11 12:12

Does anyone know if there was building work been done in the church at the time Madeleine disappeared?

look at this comment fron Yahoo regarding the article today.............


I personally think the police should open up all building works that
were going off in the area at the time - including the church that Kate
happily visited...... it had floor works I believe at the time and was
cemeted over


A lot of people are fed up with them..

I have not heard this before, can anyone confirm this?
Mini Slueth

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Re: The Church

Post by Guest on 14.06.14 19:03

Interesting article on the church and the Hubbards.

I didn't realise that a search of the church and the graveyard had been prevented by "legal issues" relating to searches of places of worship. I really think this is a screaming oversight.

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