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The mystery of Marcelino Italiano

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The mystery of Marcelino Italiano

Post by Tony Bennett on 20.03.11 17:16

The mystery of Marcelino Jorge Italiano, the man whose ‘revelations’ about Madeleine being in the U.S. were a big enough story to put on the front page of the United Kingdom’s biggest-selling daily newspaper, the Sun.

I was going to say: ‘Here’s what we know about Marcelino Italiano’. I think it would be safer to say: ‘Here’s what we’ve been told about Marcelino Italiano’, plus a few deductions we can make:

  • Born in Angola, a former Portuguese colony in Africa, in 1974 or 1975, now aged 36
  • Was aged 32 or 33 on the date Madeleine McCann was reported missing
  • Worked ‘on the Algarve’ as a bouncer
  • At some stage became an ‘amateur sleuth’ (or ‘private investigator’ according to Fox News)
  • Rubbed shoulders with members of a paedophile gang, or at least with people who knew members of that gang
  • Knows that the paedophile gang has ‘a contact’ in a London law firm
  • Has a photo of two ‘prominent Portuguese businessmen’ at a party with some of these paedophiles
  • Was twice badly duffed up by these paedophiles, once losing his front tooth
  • Compiled a ‘dossier’ about the paedophiles
  • Was so scared for his life that he fled to Spain
  • Is 6’ 4” (194 cm for those who like their measurements in metric)
  • Plays basketball for CD Huelva Baloncesto, even helping them to win promotion in their first season: links:- and
  • Says he’s been told Madeleine is in the U.S.
  • Says he’s not told his lawyer about all this for money
  • PLUS, despite being in hiding in Spain for fear of his life from ‘ruthless’ (his word) paedophiles, is happy for his Huelva lawyer and Olive Press editor Jon Clarke to contact the Sun with a view to sticking his mug shot on the front page of Britain’s best-selling daily, and then have it plastered over TV and print media all over the globe (rather than quietly inform the Portuguese Police about his dossier).

One sincerely hopes for his sake that no-one is lying in wait for him after he goes home after CD Huelva Baloncesto’s next home game!
Tony Bennett

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Re: The mystery of Marcelino Italiano

Post by aiyoyo on 20.03.11 23:11


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