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A Tale of Child Abuse Investigators Mm11

A Tale of Child Abuse Investigators Regist10

A Tale of Child Abuse Investigators

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A Tale of Child Abuse Investigators Empty A Tale of Child Abuse Investigators

Post by Verdi on 24.07.20 12:38

As has been said on many occasions, it was the McCanns that first introduced the word 'paedophilia' in connection with their missing three year old daughter.  Indeed on the night of 3rd/4th May 2007, immediately following Kate McCann's alarm that her child had been snatched from her bed, abducted!

Since then the media circus covering the case, has concentrated all it's efforts on rummaging around the sordid world of child sex abuse and child trafficking.  Even to this very day, with the German prisoner now taking centre stage.  Remember Raymond Hewlett anyone?  But that's an aside, here the curious tale of police child abuse investigators comes into focus.

Kate McCann had this to say of their particular relationship with Jim Gamble, former director of the CEOP..

The Portuguese police were apparently reluctant early on to accept any help beyond this from their counterparts in the UK. However, in addition to the Leicestershire FLOs, they did permit forensic psychologists from CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, and an analyst from the National Policing Improvements Agency to come to Praia da Luz the following week.

A couple of days later, the FLOs’ efforts were bolstered by the arrival from the UK of the specialists from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). The director of the forensic psychology unit, who was a detective superintendent, and a social worker came to see us to outline their current lines of inquiry. In the weeks ahead the input of the UK experts would encourage us to feel more optimistic that the investigation was gaining momentum. This initial discussion, though, was unsettling, focused as it was on the typical profile of a paedophile. All I could think was, not Madeleine. Please, not Madeleine!

While he was in London he took the opportunity on the Friday to visit the CEOP headquarters, and spent a few hours there learning more about their work.

We are particularly grateful to Jim Gamble and the team at CEOP for the initiatives they have developed with us to help keep Madeleine’s abduction in the forefront of the public consciousness.

iNEQE: Jim Gamble's creation + Mark Williams-Thomas + Dr Joe Sullivan + 'Glimpse CSA' + Missing People - and their connections with the Madeleine McCann case

By Tony Bennett - 6th April 2014

A study of the connections between the McCanns, the McCann Team, and:

* Jim Gamble
* Dr Joe Sullivan
* Mark Williams Thomas
* the Missing People charity and
* iNEQE, the creation I think of Jim Gamble after his resignation as Head of CEOP.

The strange career of Mark Williams-Thomas, his connections to the Madeleine McCann case and his rise to fame as the man who single-handedly exposed Jimmy Savile is another major area of interest. He claims to be a 'criminologist'.

We also had the case of Alan Pike, one of those who rushed out to Praia da Luz, and pretended to be a qualified psychologist - but was not.

Who exactly are these strange experts who surround the McCann case - and all rushed in the first few days to get involved?: Dr Joe Sullivan, Mark Williams-Thomas, Alan Pike - and also Ray Wyre, the self-proclaimed expert on sex offenders, who wrote a long article about paedophiles in the Daily Telegraph in relation to the Madeleine Mccann case on 10 May 2007, and later invited the McCanns over to spend the day with him?  

'Missing People' seems to be closely connected with them all. It almost seems like they are all part of the same 'club'.

I will now bring here a post I made about iNEQE yesterday on another thread:


The long-term relationship between Jim Gamble and the McCanns is indeed fascinating. It began of course with Jim Gamble's urgent demand to anyone who was holidaying in Praia da Luz that week: 'Send me your holiday snaps!'

And what you say is a 'cosy' relationship between Gamble and the McCanns seems to continue to this day. Not least in Jim Gamble's new work with the company he has founded: iNEQE, called this, apparently, because it is both 'innovative' and 'unique' (Wow!). Gamble has organised two conferences, in September 2013 and March 2014, with the peculiar title: 'Glimpse CSA'. The CSA stands for 'Child Sexual Abuse', so the somewhat bizarre title of these two conferences reads: "Glimpse Child Sexual Abuse". I am sure they could have thought up a better, more appropriate and suitable title.

These conferences had 5 keynote speakers.

One was Gamble himself.

Another was Dr Joe Sullivan, whose conference biography boasted that he was: "...CEOP's former Principal Forensic Physiologist, one of the foremost global experts on offender character and behaviour, the principal developer of the Behavioural Analysis Unit and adviser on major police enquiries including the Madeleine McCann investigation...

A third of the 5 keynote speakers was Mark Williams-Thomas, the self-proclaimed expert on child sex offenders who has pontificated on the Madeleine McCann case many times. He famously said that the abductions of Madeleine McCann in 2007 and 8-year-old Portuguese girl Joana Cipriano in 2005 had 'remarkable parallels', apparently being unaware that when he made this idiotic remark, Joana's mother and uncle were already two years into 16-year jail terms for the brutal murder of Joana. Incidentally, in his 'Glimpse CSA' conference biography, he modestly described himself as ,quote: "TV presenter, criminologist, child protection expert and former detective; the man who unmasked Jimmy Savile as one the UK's worst predatory paedophiles".

It does seem remarkable that 3 out of 5 keynote speakers at a Child Sexual Abuse Conference should all have such a very close connection with the McCann case, especially since, after 7 years of investigations costing tens of millions, we have no idea whether Madeleine was a victim of child sexual abuse or not.

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