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Forensics Scandal

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Forensics Scandal

Post by Baronstu on 15.10.17 14:35

[size=34]Forensics scandal now hits TEN THOUSAND cases: Rogue scientists may have tampered with blood tests in suspect cases including murder and rape[/size]

  • Experts re-examine blood tests that may have been doctored at Randox Testing Services in Manchester

  • Full extent of scandal is far greater than 484 cases claimed by police in February 

  • It could take up to five years for all of the falsified data to be sifted through 

In the Mail today. If this has happened, who knows where else or what else was messed with.


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Forensic test fails,Manchester?

Post by willowthewisp on 15.10.17 16:41

Hi Baronstu,thanks for the link.
there is a vast difference from making a mistake in Forensic Analysis,to deliberately deception,now quite how you come to separate a mistake from deception would require what you want to find out about the DNA,LCI found at a scene or what you wish to determine?
In the article it states"disaffected Employees"may not have tampered with the samples?
but surely if you put the wrong sample into a wrong place,that contain a different procedure,it is still a mistake affecting a human beings test results,rightly or wrongly?


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