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Post by coati mundi on 10.04.17 0:16

Listening to one of Kate McCann's descriptions of what she saw when she "did her check" at about 10 o'clock. it strikes me that I have never heard her say in an interview or read anything by her, or attributed to her, any detail about what the lights were like  when she went into th apartment at that time.

Were there any lights on when she went in? If there were no lights on, or only one light on perhaps,  how was she able to search the flat in the dark, or semi-darkness, for her daughter?

I would suggest that a natural reaction would have been to turn on as many lights as possible so that you could see.

I anticipate a McCann believer saying that she didn't want to disturb the twins, but considering the situation that doesn't really hold water, since you should want to save the remaining children, I would like to know.

I stand to be corrected, but I don't remember GM, KM, MO (is that the person who said he kind of checked?) or anyone else commenting on the lighting. Did the flat have all the lights on when the Tapas Crew rushed into the apartment? If so, why, and who put them on (and why)?

A small, but I think potentially important detail. 

Sorry to waste your time if someone else has already raised it.

All in my opinion and still hoping for justice.

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Re: Lights

Post by suzyjohnson on 10.04.17 0:25

I think there was a light on in the lounge and they said they left the bedroom door slightly open to let a bit of light into the room? 

I think Kate may have mentioned the light when she checked at 10pm, she said she was trying to make out whether or not Madeleine was in her bed. Presumably, she then put the lights on to check around the flat?

Matthew definitely did talk about lighting in his statement, he was asked by the police whether there was light coming into the room from the outside. He also mentioned the light in the lounge.

I don't know if anyone did mention the lights after Kate raised the alarm, but you're right it would be an important detail. I don't think anyone would switch the lights off again if they were looking for someone.



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