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Post by hogwash on 16.12.15 5:47


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Re: "Did the McCann's murder Madeleine?"

Post by Tony Bennett on 16.12.15 8:04

The writer seriously believes that Martin Smith's claim to have 'recognised', on 9 September 2007,  Gerry McCann as the person he saw in the dark over 4 months earlier, was, quote, 'credible'..."by the way he had his head down and was carrying him on his left shoulder".

This despite him only seeing the man for a second or two in the dark and telling the Portuguese Police, as did his son Peter and daughter Aoife, that "he would never be able to identify the man again if he saw him".

Thus the writer seriously believes that Gerry McCann was carrying Madeleine's dead body across the town of Praia da Luz at the very moment his wife and friends were raising the alarm about Madeleine being abducted. And managed to hide her body somewhere in Praia da Luz where the police were unable to find it - and return to the Ocean Club - all without being seen by anyone else except the Smiths.

That apart, the article makes many valid points.


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Re: "Did the McCann's murder Madeleine?"

Post by BlueBag on 16.12.15 10:51

"Did the McCann's murder Madeleine?"
No idea.

Not enough information.

Highly unlikely in my opinion.

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