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Daily Mail - comments - tide is turning

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Daily Mail - comments - tide is turning

Post by HelenMeg on 02.05.15 22:21

Some comments in Mail online, following article ( Whilst the verdict was a massive disappointment - it seems to have fueled dislike of Mc Canns -it is clear the public are getting fed up with the farce - see some of the comments that I've copied across.

Fed Up, London, United Kingdom, 45 minutes ago
Yawn. The truth will come out eventually.



maria L, Leeds, 45 minutes ago
Sorry as far i was aware in her own words him and her never did "search" .......


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trigger, peterborough, about an hour ago
Perhaps Mrs McCann would like to pay the cost of the British Police investigation.


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Mary_Rose, Cheshire, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
Oh for goodness sake. Can someone please bring this farce to an end soon!



Jay, Loughton, United Kingdom, about an hour ago
Watch what you say here -wouldn't want to get sued now.


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Re: Daily Mail - comments - tide is turning

Post by aiyoyo on 02.05.15 22:48

Moderator must be on ciggy break......

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Re: Daily Mail - comments - tide is turning

Post by Knitted on 03.05.15 3:41

Not quite the Daily Mail, but on my local online news site there was a story about a 9yr old being stopped by a man. Most people in the threads criticised the parent for letting her child out on her own. However one poster said kids should be out and about enjoying themselves, and backed this up by quoting statistics on just how incredibly rare child murders by strangers are. This generated the following thread comment in support:
" />
So even on a local online news site people are airing concerns about what's going on and, just as important, others are agreeing.  How can the MSM be so biased and partisan in only ever presenting one side of the story?

Justice...  Fought for by the masses. Purchased by the wealthy. Traded by the powerful.

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Re: Daily Mail - comments - tide is turning

Post by ChippyM on 03.05.15 10:34

There seem to only be 2 comments for that article the 'shouldn't have left her' and the 'if it was your child you'd never give up'.

  I  always try and mention facts about the case in comments (if they let me!) , imagine if most of the UK public actually read the Gaspar statements,
the attitude to this case would change pretty quickly.


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