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Richard D Hall - "The Phantoms"

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Richard D Hall - "The Phantoms"

Post by NickE on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 17:26

Following on from his earlier series of films about the Madeleine McCann mystery, Richard D. Hall examines in a level of detail never covered before in any TV documentary, the claims that Madeleine was abducted. Numerous sightings of a man were reported to the police on different dates following the disappearance. This film examines the credibility of these sightings by looking at police witness statements, media reports and other evidence. After a thorough and extensive examination of all this evidence, the most likely conclusion is laid bare for all to see. Once you have watched the documentary, your perception of mainstream media and establishment groups such as The BBC, The Cabinet Office, Scotland Yard and British Intelligence may well need a dramatic adjustment.

Part 1-5

When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out".

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Re: Richard D Hall - "The Phantoms"

Post by Richard IV on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 17:42

Just watched some of it.  I must say, the way he presents it, it does seem a huge coincidence that the four phantoms have almost exactly the same descriptions.  The 4 phantoms being Tannerman, Smithman, Sagresman and Crecheman.

I`d like to know why a certain person had to be redacted - maybe it`s because of subjudice and there`s something brewing behind the scenes.  There must be a reason Mr. Hall had to delete this person.
Richard IV

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Richard D Hall's The Phantoms

Post by Knitted on Wed 15 Apr 2015, 23:48

Just watched Richard D Hall's documentary...

I used to get somewhat confused reading various bits across various threads. so I found it very, very, useful in presenting key points all in one place.  

I couldn't agree more with his closing comments in Part 5, from 36m 20s onwards and it made me recall the famous quote from Goethe "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"

Link to Part 1 =>

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Re: Richard D Hall - "The Phantoms"

Post by aiyoyo on Fri 17 Apr 2015, 14:11

Knitted wrote:Just watched Richard D Hall's documentary...

I used to get somewhat confused reading various bits across various threads. so I found it very, very, useful in presenting key points all in one place.  

Link to Part 1 =>

Finished watching too.

I concur with you that listening to it complete with visual images of the physical places make a world of difference to reading various bits randomly. It's more compelling and cohesive put together like that that even newbies to the case can follow and grasp easily the extent of the cover up, and the failure of MSM to apply investigative journalism.

It's good also that he draws attention to the timeline and repeats over salient points, all these are useful to newbies watching it without knowledge of the other videos existence.

Let's hope he's going to do a film each on The Patsy, The Fund, and The Photos.


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Re: Richard D Hall - "The Phantoms"

Post by Mark Willis on Sun 19 Apr 2015, 08:01

Yes, seeing a lot of the stuff we know with bits we didn't in one place, with pix is a great way to impart suspicion of all the players in this awful McSaga.
Opened my eyes to just how similar the tales from  Mcs, Sagres man, Murat and Smiths are so similar as to be very suspicious.
I have always felt Murat was involved and not just as a patsy.
Also the Smiths are not quite what they seem, according to what I saw.
It reminds me that I should not trust anything or anyone in this case and be prepared to go with what I ee and not what I think I see.
Very thought provoking, and no excuses about release dates; Hall meets HIS deadlines.
Mark Willis

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