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Alex Barrack - killed by a CPS Lawyer? NEW BOOK

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Alex Barrack - killed by a CPS Lawyer? NEW BOOK

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.10.11 0:53

(Placed here as well as under 'Crime & Corruption' section as that section is not open to guests to view)

Death at the hands of a CPS Lawyer? - The tragic Alex Barrack story

Just published: “The Death of Alex Barrack: A Mother’s long search for truth and justice”:

ISBN 978-095633-512-8

This powerful book tells the story of Doris Barrack’s only son Alex. Caught up in the messy divorce of his parents, he struggled for identity and in his late teens realised he was homosexual.

He drifted into the gay scene in London, looking for love and for, perhaps, a life-long partner. He befriended Steve, a fellow gay, and helped to look after him as he needed more and more care.

On 23 March 1996, to celebrate his 28th birthday, Mrs Barrack visited him in London and was pleased to find him enrolling for a preparatory course in readiness for enrolling in University that autumn.

But one fateful night just six weeks later - 4 May 1996 - Alex ventured out to a gay night club at The London Apprentice, Hackney, now the Joiner’s Arms - and still a gay pub. He asked his friend Steve to go with him, but he was feeling tired and declined. Alex left home at between 9.00pm and 9.30pm, and got the tube to Hackney, hoping to gain free admission at the London Apprentice before 11.00pm.

What precisely happened during the next six hours is not clear, but what is known is that, in the early hours of the morning, Alex found himself at 14 The Driftway, Grove Road, LONDON E3, the home of one Robert Thompson Simpson, a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyer who worked at CPS headquarters in central London, near Tower Bridge.

At 4.54am, Simpson made a 999 call claiming that Alex was dying, or ‘may have just died’. An ambulance crew arrived 16 minutes later, to find his jaw rigid, rigor mortis already setting in, and his mouth full of vomit. His body was naked, with his pubic hairs freshly shaved. It became clear to Mrs Barrack much later that Alex had had placed over him what is called a ‘balloon-head device’, used to restrict oxygen and create a ‘hypoxic’ state as a means of heightening sexual excitement for all concerned. It is Mrs Barrack’s conviction that her son died because this device was kept on too long by CPS lawyer Simpson, and perhaps by others who were also present (though Simpson denied this). Also found at Simpson’s flat was a range of sado-masochistic paraphernalia, including manacles.

Mrs Barrack was initially tricked by the investigating police into thinking that her son had died from an asthma a attack (he had mild asthma and had a Ventolin inhaler). The Norfolk-based Pathologist called to the scene was none other than Dr Michael John Heath, the same pathologist who falsely claimed that Stuart Lubbock had ‘drowned’ at Michael Barrymore’s home on 1 April 2001. Heath resigned as a Home Office pathologist days after an application had been made to summons Barrymore for drugs and other offences committed on the night Stuart Lubbock died. Later in the same year Heath was found guilty of professional malpractice in several cases at an Old Bailey hearing. He was also criticised by Dr Benjamin Swift after Heath had carried out a deficient autopsy on the body of Lee Balkwell, who was found dead in as-yet unexplained circumstances in a concrete mixer at just after 1.00am on Friday 18 July 2002.

Mrs Barrack was only told the date of the Inquest at the last moment. The Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Baff, was another homosexual who took part in the cover-up of the true circumstances of Alex’s death. He had been tipped for further promotion in the Met and was already the highest ranking homosexual police officer in the country. Soon after Mrs Barrack demanded to meet him, in 1997 (after the Inquest had recorded a verdict of ‘Accidental Death’) - in an attempt to uncover the true circumstances of her son’s death - Baff was found hanged from the landing of his flat. An Inquest ruled that he committed suicide. He had recently been linked to a paedophile ring in east London.

The Inquest into Alex’s death was a farce, and the police ‘lost’ vital evidence including, crucially, photos seized from Simpson’s Pentax camera, one of which pictured a naked man wearing a balloon-head device.

As Mrs Barrack discloses in pp. 160-5 of her book, Simpson was arrested on suspicion of murdering Alec Barrack, but - according to a Detective Inspector Bathie - the CPS were personally ordered by the then Director of Public Prosecutions, Dame Barbara Mills, not to prosecute him. At the same time, Sun journalist Ian Hepburn informed Mrs Barrack that Simpson’s role at the CPS was a ‘Senior Prosecutor’.

Robert Thompson Simpson continues to this day to work for the CPS.

Doris Barrack’s book can be bought via her website: Alex Barrack - Justice Denied, at:
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