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A UK Military Intelligence operation  Mm11

A UK Military Intelligence operation  Regist10

A UK Military Intelligence operation

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A UK Military Intelligence operation  Empty A UK Military Intelligence operation

Post by Cammerigal on 19.07.19 9:27

Dr Amaral has always stated that the case was blocked by MI5, so we should explore this, as a pair of nondescript NHS workers could not maintain this conspiracy and cover-up without external help.

UK Military Intelligence can be broken into 2 arms, MI5 for UK homeland security including Northern Ireland and MI6 the external spies based overseas in foreign embassies. MI5 are strictly UK based. On a typical British Army lead Northern Irish operation, we would have armed response provided 22 Regiment SAS troops and direct surveillance provided by 14 intelligence company. 14 INT modus operandii is best found in the book by James Rennie ‘the operators’ and of course the SAS have informative action movies such as bravo 2 zero. MI5 should not have been present in Portugal, or armed UK troopers.
HQ in Belfast Castlereagh barracks would provide intelligence. Source intelligence was obtained often obtained by turning IRA and INLA terrorists. The turning of radical terrorists was achieved usually by blackmail, particularly by sexual entrapment as they would never wish to rat on their fellows in the armed struggle. We have a constant paedo association with this case, see the Lolita-esque last photo of Maddie, Clement Freud and the Gaspar statements.

IRA  terrorists
We know that the Omagh bombers (Real IRA) were in the Algarve region, attempting to procure munitions from Alvor (see the Panda grill) circa 2006 to 2009. They were caught & prosecuted via an MI5 sting in 2010. Dr Martin Roberts blog corroborates the operation against RIRA in Alvor during that time of 2007 and MI operations. MI5 should not have been present in Portugal!

Jim Gamble
Jim Gamble was head of RUC intelligence in Belfast. He ran operation ORE which tracked down paedophiles (cough!) then ran CEOP, which was also focussed on protecting children from sex offenders (ahem).
Jim Gamble requested that ALL photos were sent to him at his CEOP website. I could surmise that he was screening them for visible presence of both operators or IRA. He is also a vociferous support of Gerry McCann. CEOP were also in PDL from day 1 (or earlier)

The communications
Dewi Lennard (kikkoran) analysed the phone records, both in and out. He noted a high volume of texts. This is a MI standard operating procedure, to avoid voice interception. He also questioned the 'Swansea/South Wales' landline. I understand this was the untraceable communications centre for the British MI control
The Tapas 7 were all presented with burner phones, prior to being made arguidos. This would eliminate the risk of PJ surveillance, tracking and traceability
Dr. Amaral also noted a room full of military communications specialists in PDL.

National Security
There is supposedly a D security notice that has been given to the UK media and its presence cannot be formally stated, hence their failure to investigate and address the conspiracy, on grounds of national security.  
Reference is made to Leicester police going 'Gold''. This is another standard operating procedure for a crisis escalation, often in the context of terrorist activity (bronze/silver/gold). David Payne advised Leicester police during his statement there were 'certain aspects' he did not need to/want to talk about and was left hanging there.
The British government provided spin doctors eg Clarence. The British ambassador was promptly mobilised and even Prince Charles make unprecedented efforts to support the abduction myth. 
I purport a theory that there was a British Intelligence operation in Portugal at the time of Maddie’s death and the abduction conspiracy was to deflect away focus from the operation. Maddie may have been used as part of the RIRA ‘entrapment’ or coincidentally she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cover up continues to this day


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