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Leave No Stone Unturned

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Leave No Stone Unturned - Page 7 Empty Re: Leave No Stone Unturned

Post by Liz Eagles on 27.08.19 13:54

@Verdi wrote:
@PeterMac wrote:we were in SPAIN ? ? ?
Why not Portugal ?
what has Spain got to do with it ?

They also took their roadshow to Germany, the Netherlands, Rome - the Vatican no less and Morocco.

One might ask the same .... what has that got to do with it? Short of indirectly accusing different nations of nurturing child abuse and child trafficking and harbouring their stolen, sorry abducted, child.

Damn cheek.

There is a specific and very special place to which the PJ were not allowed full access and what appears to be little meaningful cooperation.

This would be UK, the place of Madeleine's birth and the place where there would be records of her and her parents; records which one would expect to be of ordinary procedural enquiry.

Instead there was and still is imo a media campaign to circumvent Madeleine's life. This media campaign has no respect for Madeleine's siblings as the McCanns have continued to use their twins and to my mind invade not only their own childrens' privacy but that of their schoolfriends and their school.

UK Press only printed photos and copy by invitation.

Liz Eagles
Liz Eagles

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