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Forum Etiquette

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Forum Etiquette

Post by Verdi on 13.11.17 21:26

singlerose Forum Etiquette singlerose  

CMoMM is a serious investigative forum that researches the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, it is not a forum for creating nor propagating baseless theorizing nor unreasoned wild speculation

1.  All members are asked to respect the forum at all times by adhering to a few necessary stipulations.

2.  Sexism, racism, libelous comment, pornography, swearing, advertising and spam are not allowed on this forum.

3.  Admin will edit or delete any posts deemed inappropriate.

4.  Multiple accounts/ID are not permitted. Those found to be doing so will be banned

5.  Members are to refrain from using abusive, threatening, personal language when debating.

6.  Do not encourage or join in personal attack against another member.  Pack mentality is not tolerated on CMOMM.

7.  Members are asked, within reason, to stay on topic when posting.  Admin/mods will delete posts that do not comply.

8.  Members are asked not to resurrect old threads just to say something like "good post" because those threads are old for a reason - we're done with them! However, if you have something relevant to add to an old thread then please do so!

9.  Disruptive and antagonistic members may be banned (particularly if they have previously been banned/ de-activated) at the discretion of admin.

10.  Contributors are asked to treat each other with respect when discussing contentious issues.  

11.  Personal attacks are not tolerated, if members have a personal issue they are asked to take their grievance to PM (Private Message).

12.  We only support consideration of the evidence available, and informed comment.  Please restrict commentary as far as possible to fact and evidenced material.

13.   Please provide links where possible, or state "unverified" if this is not possible for clarity.

14.  Members are asked not to encourage obvious time wasters or post links to dubious websites or videos that might compromise the forum and it's members.

15.  Always be mindful of watching eyes.  The forum is constantly monitored by lawyers, the media, the establishment, the police and the McCanns campaign team. 

16.  Attacks against admin/mods, members or the forum will not be tolerated.  Adversaries will be suspended or banned at the discretion of admin/mods.

17.  If a member has concern about anything at all, please contact admin/mods by PM or email.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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