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Philomena McCann: " greedy, unscrupulous character.."

27.11.10 19:03 by Get'emGonçalo

Posted by AnnaEsse on her blog:

"It needs only one greedy, unscrupulous character to come forward," said Philomena McCann.(Daily Mail 28/07/07)

The above was in relation to the reward on offer at the time: £3.2 million, according to the 28th July 2007 article featured in the Daily Mail. After more than three years, I am still utterly gobsmacked by Phil McCann's choice of words to describe someone who might come forward to help find her niece.

'Greedy': did she think this was someone who had already received payment of some kind? Greedy for more? Someone who is greedy is a person who takes more than their fair share. So, she thought that someone who could help find Madeleine would be getting more than they deserved? So, what would such a person deserve?

'Unscrupulous': having no scruples, ethics or principles. What? This makes even less sense than 'greedy'. For someone to have no scruples, ethics or principles in claiming a reward for helping to find a missing child, they would, by definition, be behaving in an underhand and devious manner. Towards whom and about what? Towards the McCanns, who only wanted to find their daughter? Wouldn't the parents of a missing child be delighted for the information, wherever it came from if they could get their daughter back unharmed? And 'one greedy, unscrupulous character'. Does that mean that Auntie Phil thought there was more than one person who could possibly have come forward? Someone who would unscrupulously grass up the abductor? Wouldn't any close relative of a missing child be eternally grateful to such a person? But, no, Phil McCann would view that person as being a 'greedy, unscrupulous character.'

To be continued!

AnnaEsse's post has interested me because I remember emailing Phenomenal McScam in June 2007 with some information I found on Brian's Dreams blog (in the days when I believed anything) and she told me I was nasty and should go back to my coven. Shocked

She then emailed me again and copied the email to Stu 'hope you are well' Prior.

I found it odd that she put in her email "If you or even he is so convinced by his 'dream predictions' then go and find her here" - she was emailing me from Glasgow.

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Legal Defence for Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral 1 Feb 2017

Yesterday, it became known that the Supreme Court in Lisbon ruled in favour of Gonçalo Amaral, in the long running lawsuit that was filed against him over his book "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira".

This is the culmination of a costly, difficult process that caused a lot of pain and distress, not only to the persons directly involved, but also to many who refused to be silenced, both on the internet and 'offline'.

Nonetheless, it also brought out the very best in so many people who have shown their support, both morally and materially, over so many years. It has been tremendously encouraging and heartening, and it must unequivocally be stated that without you, it would simply not have been possible to walk this road towards Justice.

We await the publication of the Court's decision and will update you soon with relevant information.

In the meantime, there are simply no words that even remotely match the strength and the tenacity that you have dedicated to this process.

So a mere "Thank you" will have to do.

Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral

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