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Man arrested for making false report to Police ! ! !

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Man arrested for making false report to Police ! ! !

Post by PeterMac on 30.11.13 10:35
"Professor Green arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice two weeks after reporting that he was mugged"

How sad.
I wonder how many other reports to Police are false ?



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Re: Man arrested for making false report to Police ! ! !

Post by Guest on 30.11.13 10:59

I expect that you have a few stories to tell about false claims, PM!

Many years ago I knew a child who was always making up tall stories - to compensate I think for the fact that her life was rather deprived and humdrum.

No harm was done until she got to 16 and then there were repeated stories of being attacked, even raped. She didn't seem to grasp that she would get a lot of attention by saying these things but then the police would investigate to see if they were actually true.

I don't know how, but one case of alleged assault and false imprisonment actually got as far as the Old Bailey where the defendant was cleared.

She will be in her 40s now so I hope that she matured with age.

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