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Dodgy Dave & Lord(Toad)Howard-Somya oil deal Somalia

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Dodgy Dave & Lord(Toad)Howard-Somya oil deal Somalia

Post by willowthewisp on 04.08.15 9:38

Once again we have a senior Lord Howard (Toad) from the House of Frauds involved in dubious circumstances in a set up to exploration for oil in Somalia, with the backing of Prime Minister Dodgy Dave?
Article from News Night had an in depth look into the arrangements of the deal and it was given an explanation, that us simpletons had misunderstood how the deal works and there is/was no irregularity with in the deal?
The Foreign Office were aware of a report stating not to become embroiled in the deal, due to possible corruption of the deal and being in an unstable Country with warring factions with in the Country, but guess what,Lord (Toad) Michael Howard was involved at the inception of the deal and has since asked Mr Fallon for backing of the scheme?
The same Mr Michael Fallon who had misled Parliament on the Bombing campaign in Syria, which were not to be involved in, but we were?
Let us hope Mr Paxman can return to news night and re-interview Lord Howard, Dereck Lewis style," I did not illicit any individual illegal payments to PRA advisers"?
One never knows of what surplus,out dated MOD supplies need to be decommissioned, properly, sent for dismantling to a an African continent?

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