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Re: Iridology.

Post by lj on Tue 21 Jan - 14:08

You cannot say there is a case of chimerism until you found the other DNA or you are certain you tested every possible tissue/organ for it. It does occur spontaneously, it is imaginable though that, just because of the nature of the treatment, in IVF the frequency might be higher.

Which disease do you think of Tigger? You have a much more critical eye than I. Do you think she is wearing a wig?

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Re: Iridology.

Post by Who?What?Where? on Wed 22 Jan - 0:22

I cannot comment on Iridology, which I must admit, I have never heard about before.

I do believe, though, that some people in this case, are, obviously, trying to hide the tracks of where they were, and what they did there.

Only, IMHO, of course.


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