Three questions

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Three questions

Post by Seeker on Tue 21 May - 9:25


I have just joined after 'lurking' for several months. I have followed this case off and on since the beginning. I have searched here and elsewhere for definitive answers to these questions but have not been able to find concrete answers, but I apologise if these have already been conclusively dealt with.

1. Has it ever been established definitely whether or not Gerry is Madeleine's biological father?
2. Has it ever been determined whether the empty CATS case file for both Kate and Gerry was created before or after Madeleine's disappearance?
3. Why were Gerry or Kate not charged with child neglect either in Portugal or in the UK? Was it ever considered?

Again, apologies if these have been done and dusted elsewhere. Look forward to chatting with you all.



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Re: Three questions

Post by suzyjohnson on Tue 21 May - 14:34

Seeker, I believe GM is confirmed as biological father of MM

I don't know what an empty CATS case file is.

I don't know why the McCanns were not charged with neglect, imo it was probably something to do with not wanting to upset good relations between Britain and Portugal. I think the Portuguese let them go, quite simply, because they had had enough of them, and the British were all to ready to believe the McCanns version of events (most probably because they're doctors). In addition, I think both countries (in so far as the British have thought of it at all) are of the opinion that the McCanns have brought enough misery upon themselves.



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