Madeleine's 'Uncle' in Praia Da Luz May 3rd??

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Madeleine's 'Uncle' in Praia Da Luz May 3rd??

Post by Hicks on Tue 30 Sep - 18:16

Please scroll down to the post from 'Dutchgirl living in the UK'. Wed 19th Sept. The poster relays a conversation that tells of Madeleine's Uncle(?) fleeing Praia Da Luz on May 3rd, just after the reported abduction.

Reading this it came to mind about the two men who were seen arguing near the OC, on May 3rd, after 10.00pm..

This I found quite interesting as I have read elsewhere ( sorry can't find link but possibly on the 3As thread) that a sick child, left the OC that same evening in a hurry, sat in a big black car. 

An Uncle may not be a blood relative, rather a close friend of the McCann's whom Madeleine was told to call Uncle perhaps.

Or course this is only gossip, but it's worth a look.

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